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Zits dropping dead

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I used Neutrogena Deep Clean clenser when I come home every two weeks (I live away from home) and I find that it makes my skin VERY dry and flaky. I normally use the Cetaphil bar.

But I find that when my skin is very dry and flaky, zits start to fall off even with the slightest touch. On the other hand, if I use the Cetaphil bar that is not as harsh on my face, zits will remain on my face.

So is having dry skin a good thing?

Are the zits suppose to fall off like that?

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I've never heard of zits 'falling off', but I don't doubt it could happen :-k . Try moisturizing after you use the mask so your skin doesn't dry out. Does your complexion clear up/improve when you use this mask or does it suck or something...?

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yea good point .... even if they seem to fall off it isnt allowing your skin to heal if its so dry. winter is takign its toll on ym face .... taken about a month of cold weather to adapt to more moisturizer. also i dotn sweat out as much on my face as summer so gunk stays in

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yeah, i go through stages when spots seem to drop off. it seems to be after using lots of bp, it is just scabs or top layers of skin flaking off. The problem with spots going this way is that it often take 3 or more layers of skin shedding to rid urself of the spot, and after there is a red mark.

but i suppose a red mark is further down the healing process than a spot is so its probably a good thing. :-k

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