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Why the sudden negative comments??

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](*,) The last month ive been getting some negative comments in relation to my skin...and I finished my roaccutane course over a year ago and up until now no one has really said much except some people saying how good it looks.

Then the other week my little god-brother who is 6 years old made a dumb comment...I was sitting next to him with my brother and we were just mucking around and my brother asked him who he thinks looks 'cuter' and he goes my brother looks cuter because I have too many pimples.

And then at school the other day, this guy who I used to think i liked was reading our school newsletter, and we were in a small group in a circle with about 5 other people. and he reads out one part that says Don't take drugs' and says 'what about ross, he needs it for his acne.' but he said it in the most nice and earnest way, but i mean...who SAYS that???

And then I was like...ok...getting over that sudden remark then a few days later I was sitting with him and a girl in class and she was telling me about this casual teacher they have for another class and how his face is freaky and has these things all over it...and the same guy again goes 'Your telling Ross who has acne, this". I felt like dying...how can people just come out with comments like that. He must know its hurtful

The worst part of it all is I havent got a single pimple...only red marks from acne I had almost 2 years ago. Sometimes I wish I could fcking die. Im only 16 and had acne since 12, roaccutane stuffed up my eyes...I have severe chronic dryness and permanent plugs to block my tears from draining and the latest eye drops havent helped. I feel like a dirty piece of crap who shouldnt be here sad.gif My life was so perfect 2 years ago and I was so excited to grow up. Now one year from finishing school...I feel like Ive got pointless and painful life ahead of me. i wish i could feel that excitement i had before but my face makes me sick and its all I ever think of.

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They WILL go away; I promise. Please keep your head up. Darnit, please believe me when I say I wouldn't repeat high school again for a million dollars.

Once when I was about15 or 16 and having what I thought was a good face day (ie no obvious pimples), two girlfriends and I were flirting with three boys at the local burger joint and I was having a great time, feeling good, until I overheard two of them arguing over who would get "the girl with the zits." And I had no zits; just some scarring and red marks.

I know you're going to be inundated with things to try for them, but something that worked for me is something called "Glyquin". It's a cream you put on at night. Maybe ask your doc about it?

And lastly, smile and be happy because high school doesn't last forever and I promise things are better out in the real world!!! smile.gif

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yeah i know what u mean man

i have so much marks on my face too

it sucks u know.. i feel like i can be an actor or somthing but my scars just keeps coming into my way

i wish God can just set me free one day

i 'm done with building patience and whatnot

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Thanks for your replies. The thing is the red marks are quite large, I had severe cystic acne and when I says cysts, Im talking about more than half the size of a golfball. Like sticking right off my face.

Im so glad its gone but its been so long and it doesnt seem like the red marks are going anywhere. I htought it was meant to be 6 months max. Plus even if the red marks fade I have a lot of scarring now. And I can't afford those scar treatments. They dont even work for alot people anyway. And when I said pimples I mean substantial ones, I do still have quite a few tiny bumps. And my skin gets blotchy very easily because of benzac, but if I dont use it i get inflamed pimples...sorry im just going on and on but I have alot of other things going on right now and this isnt making me feel any better.

By the way, that bleaching cream sounds like a good idea, I looked to order online but its out of stock everywhere. Im in australia and I dont know if they sell it here

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For the red marks, why don't you try the lemon and vinegar method which was posted?

I mean, it's a cheap method to try out with no risks involved.

Just a suggestion.

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bad news is that red marks take up to 18 months to go away. Good news is there are heaps of treatments for hyperpigmentation. check the scarboard faq...meds like mandelic acid, kohjic acid, hydroquinine and also plain old ahas, lactic acid etc etc tc. Good luck. And tell your friend...the one with the cheery acne commentary...to STFU. With friends like that...who needs enemies? =;

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retin-A together with hydroquinone is supposed to work well together to get rid of red marks. (the derm who wrote Acne Cure recommnends it)and TCA cross seems to be working pretty well for scars.

I've been throught what you did... 6 months after accutane i still look like I had acne. It was only after about 1- 1.5 years that I was satisfied with my skin. Hang in there!

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No but suprisingly I had a bf while my acne was bad. lol his name is now selina lol, if anyone gets what im saying biggrin.gif glad thats over

I'll try doing the lemon thing right now, I did it once before but I kept forgetting to drink it. Now I have summer break in a week so I can hopefully remember. I will also try to import one of those skin bleaches.

BTW I stopped using BP for a couple of days and my skin looks great. I think it was redenning and unevening my skin and its texture.

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i think selina is a girl dude

anways aside from your sexual preference

have u tried skin clearing moisturizer by neutrogena?

that thing can fade red marks

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