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So, I went to the store about a week ago and picked up some facial supplies (im addicted :P) I found some toner and decided to give it a try, since I have never really tried it before, except for witch hazel, which didn't go over so well. Anyway, I bought this stuff called Alba toner, its all natural and claims to balance the ph of your skin. Since I have never had experience with toner before, I put it on after shaving one night, right before bed. I woke up the next morning and my face was significantly better...My pores shrunk, scars were a bit reduced, and my coloration returned to normal. Also, my active zittage has reduced as well. I seriously was amazed at the improvement overnight. I seriously didn't even know what toner did to your face, but I really like this stuff and recommend that people try it. Also, I had a ?, could it just be this brand of toner? Or are they all pretty much the same? The one I used had a lot of natural ingredients in it so it is good shiat. Let me know what you guys think about toner or this one in particular :)

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OMG, try the Almay toner! My mom bought it to use before applying her foundation, and I'm a guy and I even like the toner! My redness has reduced significantly.

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