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Bio Oil or Fade Out?

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Alongside my acne, I've recently developed facial redness, particularly of the cheeks. I've stopped using harsh face washes in fear that they'd make it worse, and I've switched to a Eucerin wash. I wouldn't necessarily say it's Rosacea, but sometimes it appears to have flared up worse than normal. I was wondering, has anybody tried either Bio Oil or Fade Out Facial Redness Remedy for their redness and acne scars? I'm looking to buy one but not sure which. Also, would Bio Oil block my pores and lead to yet more acne? Thank you.

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Hii ive also got the same problem you have the facial redness(after acne has cleared up) its just on my cheeks though and I dont think it is Rosacea either. I too want to get rid of my acne scars and im using bio-oil at the moment but when I apply it to my face it flares up (goes real red) I wonder if this is supposed to happen ? :confused:

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I have been on bio -oil, and it does wonders! makes your skin smooth, and on fresh pimples, it gets rid off the redness in about 2 weeks. As for old scars, it does help, however i can't tell hw long it will take to fade the old scars. I had a small 60 ml bottle a year ago, started using it, and it was amazing! however at this time i was on no medication or wasn't using BP. Then i went on BP and it made the scars worse! Then i ran out of bio-oil so i puchased a new bottle... long story short, after juggling many topicals and medication, i am currently on doxycycline 50 mg tablets, and bio-oil. It is definatly a worthwhile buy!

Note- the first few days on bio oil may make the redness seem slightly more than they did. - this is just becuase bio oil promotes circulation to the skin when first used, after the "settlin in period" its all good.

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