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Guys, anyone with Alopecia Barbae, acne related?

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I'm mid-30's, fighting mostly mild cystic acne since my late teens. I basically spent about 20 years on and off most of the common antibiotics, both topical and oral, and Rentin-A. About a year ago, I noticed patch on my chin where the hair stopped growing, and eventually got very patchy all over the lower part of my beard area. I have dark hair and a course beard (I'm clean shaven), so this was a major pain, as I have to shave twice a day to keep the patches from being too visible. Shaving isn't much fun with an acne flair up, and even worse when you have to do it twice a day! I was checked by my Derm for fungal or bacterial infections, which I had none. It was diagnosed as Alopecia Barbae, when the body's autoimmune system just sort of makes the hair follicles go dormant (they're still there, they just don't grow hair!) They don't have a cure, or even a treatment that holds much chance for success, so I'm kind of dealing with it. There is some thought that a major stressor can bring it on, and mine coincided with the breakup of my marriage, so there may be validity in that.

I just started Accutane about eight weeks ago, basically because I was tired of the constant fight, and my Derm thought it would knock it out once and for all. I was wondering if any other guys here have any experience with Alopecia Barbae, or it it's possible that long-term antibiotic use could somehow cause this (my Derm doesn't think so). I'd like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I found a oil base simple thing we use for cuts and burns ploy sporen extra strength works good apply on face then ur shaving cream numbs the face my face didnt rash or feel the burn try that it has helped me alot .

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