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Hi everyone,

I went to see my Dermatologist today after several weeks of waiting and he gave me the worst possible answer. “There’s nothing we can do, we just have to wait and hopeâ€

I have hyper-pigmentation on my back and chest after severe backacne, (I have no active acne now) I have Indian skin thus the acne left round brown marks on my skin, I applied Retin A for a few weeks but that started creating a rash on my chest so I stopped. I appreciate that my Dermatologist was being honest but surely there must be something else I can do.

I asked him about Chemical peel and he said that any kind of peel is no good because my marks are too deep into the skin and I will have to wait about two years for them to fade away, apparently the cells will eat them up and then clear. Can anyone advise me please? Thanx in advance

a pic


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The good news is that you don't really need to hope because i can almost guarantee that the hyperpigmentation will go away completely. The bad news is that it takes time. Sometimes 6 months, sometimes a year. Chin up because it will go away.

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Thanx AllAboutTheTane, Iv had these scars for about 5 yrs now and they don’t seem to go.

Has anyone gone private and had scars similar to me removed and been successful. I asked a Bupa Doctor for a consultation appointment and they quoted me £120 just to see her. At the end of the day she might not even be able to help me.

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go check out the private clinic there s a derm there he ll charge £100 for consultation but will help u get treatment thats best suited 2 u.

or u could try and get a appt with dr chu nhs u ll be waiting ages private wont b so long and he ll give u best answer

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