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Maybe it's not as bad as you think

I'm 21 and have moderate acne, just started on .1% Retin-A micro. My face was all peely and blotchy-red last night, and VERY sensitive. I tried putting makeup on my skin but it burned, so I said screw it, I'll just go out. I looked like I had massive sunburn, PLUS the acne, PLUS whatever breakouts the Retin-A caused.

I was going out with my sister, 11 girlfriends and friends-of-friends. The entire night I was a little nervous - here I was with these gorgeous college girls, the only dark-haired Italian girl in a gaggle of long-haired blondes with perfect skin and makeup. We went bar-hopping, and even though not too many guys offered to buy us drinks (we were in "girls'-night-out" mode), a lot of guys admired my friends. On my way out of one bar I heard a couple of guys saying "that one's gorgeous." I was sure they weren't talking about me, but my best friend. Throughout the night I tried to stay in the dark and avoid eye contact with people because I was so nervous about my face.

Then, at another club, I stopped at the rest room and encountered my sister and my best friend on the way back. My sister wanted to take our picture, and I stammered something about being on a new prescription and my face is all splotchy. My friend told me, hey - it's OK. I have rosacea and by the end of the night my face will be flushed too. You look fine. So I let my picture be taken, decided to forget about it, and had a blast.

The moral of the story is, sometimes it isn't as bad as you think. I think years of having acne have made me a little nervous about my appearance, the same way large people often feel a residual self-consciousness long after they lose weight. It won't go away with the acne. The big thing that matters is having people - family, friends, teachers, whatever - who love you for what you are. They aren't perfect either, and chances are they have something they're nervous everyone else will notice too. People who can't look beyond the surface aren't worth knowing. You have to have the courage to go out and live your life however you want, acne or no acne, scars or no scars.

Party on! biggrin.gif/

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I feel the same way all the time too. I am the only one in my family and among my friends that have this problem. Its hard going out when everyone else looks perfect and you feel like a dork. I am 24 and sometimes feel like I am 14 because I have a breakout or something.

When I go out to bars I use to always try to stay where it is dark and such, but the last month or so I have been thinkin, who cares, I am 24 I only live once, go out and have fun. Life is to short to worry about a few marks on your face.

Beauty is all around us, it's hard to feel confident when all you see is beauty except when you look in the mirror. Good for you for going out and havin fun, I applaude you.

Party like its 1999 biggrin.gif/

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