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My cumultitve dose will be about 250mg/kg. I weigh 48kg and will have taken an average of 66.67mg/day for six months (20mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg, 100mg, 100mg). Currently I'm in my fifth month and on 100mg.

I think the reason I'm on this high of a dose is because I can be. I am devoid of most of Accutane's side effects. My skin isn't dry. My lips aren't dry. Right now I have no side effects, except I am a little impatient and irritable (but that could also be due to the circus that is my workplace). Also my blood lipids are still very low and my liver enzymes have never risen above 20 units/dl. I've been clear since early in my second month, but the oil didn't completely stop until I reached the 100mg dose during this month.


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thanks LabGirl81... I asked since I'm not sure how far I can go with my course. I'm on 100mg/day (1,5mg/kg) since the second week of my therapy. At the moment, week 8th and I'm 90% clear... side effects, apart from a little bit dry lips and increased aggression (not sure whether it's been caused by accutane though), vanished since week 4. All the lab test are perfect. I think I'll try to keep myself on the 1,5/kg for 6 months in total which will give me the cumulative dose the same as yours.

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I beleive the statistics that indicate that 120-125mg/kg is the best number for remission indicate that there is no further benefit to doses about 150mg/kg. So i'd call anything about 150mg/kg unusually high.

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