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I've been taking B5 for 6 months now and I'm SO scared that it's the B5 that has helped my skin :( I dont want that!!!! Haha.... I'm on 3.5g right now and I want to quit cause I think it's making me lose weight. My skin has changed in the past couple months...These are the things that happened in the last 6 months:

-Started taking Evening primrose oil and Lecithin in the morning (Since September)

- Stopped working out with weights and started running and walking (Since November)

-Started taking Tricyclen BCP (switched from Alesse since September)

- Taking 3.5g of B5 (Since August)

-Stared taking fish oil capsules and flax seed oil (Since November)

-Started eating healthier (whole grains, fruits veggies, mostly organic, low sugar, low sodium, and I quit dairy... Since August).

The thing is though is that I STILL have oily skin by the end of the day... so I wonder if B5 is actually doing anything but making me HUNGRY and SKINNY??

If you have any ideas on what could be working that would be great! thanks guys!

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your not taking very much b5 however in order for it too affect oil u need like around 10 pills a day for me 8 worked but im not a very big person so bigger ppl probly need more

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apple cider vinegar mixed with water will make your skin less oily. just dab it with a cotton ball. i would do 50/50 cause 100% ACV broke me out a little. i got oily skin and so does my mom. i think thats one of the reasons why she looks good for her age.

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Yeah B5 never stopped the oil... and I dont know if it reduced it because my skin went through some wacky changes after I quit using Benzyl Peroxide, it got REALLY oily for the first while and then calmed down a little. I dunno... this sucks :( Maybe I will try ACV... it just scares me puting new things on my face...

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