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i started the C and C regimen about a week or 2 ago and i like it so far......but i have a question......my skin gets real oily on and around my nose a few hours after washing my face......so, what i do is use the queen helene mash mid day, or another wash with the SA....but i know this isn't gonna help the problem in the long run, it just gets the oil off for the time being......anyone having this problem?...i really hate oliy skin, i always have to go to a bathroom and fix myself to try and get it off....please help

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I don't know if it's too girly or not, as I don't know if you're a girl (I'm a girl, so I don't have a problem with it. biggrin.gif ) but I like using the oil absorbing pads by C & C. Now I don't know if they're BAD FOR YOU or anything, but they do really well for me. I just pat around my T-zone and in like 5 seconds I'm oil free! I guess this still means you have to go to the bathroom and do it, and you also have to carry around the little flat package of the papers, but... they work! That's the best I can offer. tongue.gif

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Debonaire, how good are those sheets compared to just using a tissue? I can be oil-free after blotting with a tissue, but then I'm all oil again in several minutes (same with adding powder, oil's back in no time). Also, I heard those toilet seet cover papers are good blotters. Anybody tried those?

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I don't collect a crazy amount of oil, but it's definitely enough that when I blot it with those absorbing sheets that I can see it. 8-[

In my own opinion, I think they're 10 times better than kleenex because they're purposely designed to absorb oil while tissues really... aren't. I find that after I dab my face I'm pretty oil-free/shine-free for quite a long time. They're really cheap too! I like them a lot. And if you wear make up, they don't smudge your make up at all (if you're careful not to RUB your face or anything!).

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