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hello. i am 100% clear. that's right friends! and if it wasn't for this website i would have never gotten there... so read this if it's the last thing you do. trust me. 100% clear, living proof.

to start with:


• Nature’s Way brand Borage 1000mg (2x/day)

• Nature’s Way brand Evening Primrose (high potency) 1300mg (2x/day)

• Health from the Sun brand Black Currant 1000mg (2x/day)

• Solgar brand Zinc Citrate 30mg (2x/day)

• The Lecithin from Lewis Labs (granules) (1 tbsp 2x/day) – tastes nasty straight or mixed in milk (probably because it’s mango/pineapple flavor but surprisingly good in a chai tea flavored soy protein drink)

• Whole Foods brand Food Based One (1 tablet 1x/day)

after your clear go ahead and cut the dosages in half for every thing but zinc... Good luck, friends!

NOTE: I take the Borage, Evening Primrose, and Black Currant capsules with a half cup of soy milk mixed with 1 tbsp of Lecithin, this aids in the body's ability to absorb the oils. I do not necessarily take it with a meal.

Wash: Desert Essence brand Thoroughly Clean Face Wash or honey (raw, natural)... it's very important to use a simple (very few ingredients) and gentle face cleanser, this one (Desert Essence brand) works particlarly well for me, for those in the US, I picked it up at Whole Foods

Moisturize: Desert Essence brand jojoba oil... my skin has become increasingly supple since taking these vitamins and I therefore no longer have the need to moisturize

Scrub: Aubrey Organics brand Jojoba Meal & Oatmeal: Mask & Scrub... any scrub should do but it's better to avoid those containing the exfoliants apricot, almond or walnut shell granules because these can spread infection; microgranules and oatmeal work best. I exfoliate twice a day, I believe it is ever so slowly getting rid of the blackheads I have accumulated.

Mask: Aztec Secret Health & Beauty brand Indian Healing Clay (Calcium Bentonite Clay)... any green clay mask works, I only put them on active spots/cysts

Make-up: Everyday Minerals brand... any mineral brand should work just fine (it's best to try to not wear any when you can, of course)

so, i only use the facial cleanser and scrub everyday, spot treat with mask. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... BE PATIENT... 2 weeks later and i can almost nearly (98 3/4 %) garuntee you will be as clear as me...! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. i will not be back. good bye friends, and again thank you so much for all of this useful info. you're the best and most certainly da bomb fo' real!

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very nice

havent heard anyone mixing up borage and evening primose. gets the GLA anyway i think.

me personally, thing the borage gave me cysts, either that or soymilk cuz dats wut i drank it with

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