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Hey people whats up -

I have been coming here a few months now and finally decided to register to give my 2 cents. I have suffered from this since I was in sixth grade, and now I am 24. While I am thankful its not as bad as it use to be, I still have the lingering effects of scars and every now and then I get a flare up and my face explodes.

I like to compare my outbreaks to that of when the U.S. bombs Iraq, it happens fast and big. Here's the thing tough, I am so sick of hearing what causes it and how to prevent it.

I have heard everything, it is caused by drinking too much soda, not enough water, too many sweets, improper diet, having hair too long, hair too short, wearing hats, sleeping on your left side, right side, back side and stomach. I have been told it is from having sex too often, or not having sex enough. Stress causes it, even been told not getting outside and enjoying the weather causes it.

Here is the thing, none of that is true, because I have cut my hair short, slept on my back, stopped wearing hats, drink nothing but water and so on as well as done everything else. There are millions of people out there that do exactly what you are "not suppose to do" and have no acne what so ever. So my conclusion, no matter what you do you will have it, its a chemical inbalance in your system. You either have it or you dont, the problem for us we have it, some more severe then others.

I have finally come to the conclusion there is nothing to do except deal with it, and its amazing what a little makeup can do..HA. Thats right, I am a guy and I occasionally wear makeup to cover up the blemishes.

I don't know the point of this post and if you read it you are better then me because I didn't even go back and read. I am just like all of you, frusterated, depressed, upset, sad, alone, confussed and anything else you feel. The only thing I am trying different is not to let it destroy my life, hard to do but something I have to.

I have come to believe there are actually worst things in life, like being impotent....that would suck!

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Brown? Yeah, well I have em too. Im using Salicylic Acid for them though. They need to fade.. NOW.

But Makeup on blemishes? That sounds like it could work. What do you put on them? Does it really make a difference?

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It works real good, just go Walgreens or your local drug store and find some makeup that matches your skin color. You may need to buy a few and play around with them to find the right match.

I have a few friends that work in the world of television and they showed me the tricks of the trade.

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