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Brevoxyl & Azelaic Acid for almost 12 Months

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I have been suffering from Acne for over 12 years now (I'm 24) and it still really gets me down.

I first went to my Local GP over 31/2 years ago and whilst there have been some big improvements I still think it should be in better shape by now.

I think the second medication I was prescribed in 2003 was minocin and was on that that for about 9 months. After 5-6 months I was really happy with my skin on my face although my back was still pretty bad - something I could live with. My skin was constantly dry but that was much better than what I had before.

In less than two weeks after being taken off the minocin my skin became very greasy and blotchy again.

After a break of almost six months I was back on the minocin (9 months again)but it had nowhere near the same effect the second time.

Since last February I have been on Azelaic Acid and Brevoxyl (prescribed by Private dermatologist) and there have been big improvements but I am due to finish my course now. I still am getting new spots everyday and still get large pusules or swellings on a regular basis. My back is the best it's ever been but still not blemish free.

I am planning on seeing my Dermatologist in the next month or so but what does everyone advise?

Should I stop using the creams or what?

Thanks for any help.


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