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Only thing that covers my blemishes

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I know its recommended that you only use concealers that are specifically designed for your face but I have been using one for almost 5 years and it is the only thing that really gets rid of the redness and conceals my blemishes. Loreal Visible Eye Lift (Neutralizer-Yellow). It is the only neutralizer I can find that works the best and it obviously is designed for your eyes. It is fragrance free but does contain mineral and sunflower oils but actually according to what Ive heard and read this oils do not clog your face like other oils and should be ok. I just wouldnt use them all over your face. Spot treatment seems to be ok. This neutralizer also contains pro-retinyl A. I apply it with my fingers and I notice after having it on a zit during the day it helps dry it up and reduce redness. I think you might need to have pretty fair skin like me to use it....if you have darker skin the neutralizer may not blend in as well. I always use a q-tip to help blend it in if i need to.

Ive managed to cover up things to where I look like I hardly have acne, to where if I had gone out uncovered I would have looked pretty bad. I know if you have really big bumps there is really nothing that can cover it but at least this gets rid of a lot of the redness. It is the best thing for me to use. I know its not for everyone, but surely others would benefit from it. It covers twice as good as regular foundation or cover creams. There are probably lots of other yellow neutralizers out there but I like this particular one and wont switch. In stores it is about $10 or so I think. I recently got mine on Ebay for only $5.

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