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Well, I decided to finally try a test to see how much M-bation/Sex triggers acne. I am a 20 year old male. I am post-accutane 3 months.

These are honestly serious results so when you see the number of times I m-bated a day, I am not lying.

First week

Day 1: M-bated 6 times

Day 2: 3 new zits --- m-bate 6 times

Day 3: 2 new zits...others turned into red marks -m-bate 6 times

Day 4: 4 new zits...still 2 from other day - m-bate 6 times

Day 5: 2 new zits...1 zit left over...rest red marks m-bate 6times

Day 6: 3 new zits...0 from other day m-bate 6 times

Day 7: 3 new zits...changing amount of m-bating to ZERO

Day 8: 1 new zit

Day 9: 0

Day 10: 1

Day 11: 0

Day 12: 0

Day 13 0

Day 14: 0

Day 15: M-bated 6 times

Day 16: 4 new zits

Day 17: stopped again

Day 18: 2 new zits

Day 19: 0

Day 20: 0

Got myself a girlfriend around the 15th day and since she doesn't hump on the first date, about 10 days after my last M-bate test we had sex.

Sex with g/f: Day 1: 0 zits

Day 3: 0 zits

Day 7: 0 zits

Since I can't convince her I need her sex for clinical studies to help every acne person out there, the Sex with G/F isn't very relevant. I do know, however, that even though I need to m-bate so damn badly, not doing this has turned my skin back to perfect.

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Guest Crooked I

You can do it 6 times a day???

Mine would be falling off after being subjected to that!!

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Guest Lylat uk

interesting test. though i dont think it is accurate results. I masterbate quite a bit because me and my girl dont have the time to see each other that much these days. The thing is i am clear of acne. Maybe u should only toss off once or twice a day lol

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I believe him because I had similar results. However, I just wish I had the will power to keep it up for over a week! Do you have any hints on what to do when you're aroused to stop from going through with it?

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I tried this not masturbating and found it great for my skin.. I masturbated once a week for the past 2 weeks and i've had a great reduction in spots already. I agree with the original post, I don't think it's made up.

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hey i havnt done anything in a couple days i already think its lookin smooth, my skin is more alive than normal. im no scientist dude but surely hormonal acne must be linked to your wankometer?

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I have a friend who did it 9 times in one day before, i think it was because he hadn't done it for about 2 weeks.

Whatever the reason we always joke about it with him now. biggrin.gif

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the way i see it, one of the big causes of acne is stress. masterbating is a way to relieve stress..(for most people heh)..but anyway less stress=less acne so i don't see how they really affect one another in a negative way.

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I don't know why you all think 6 or 9 times is a lot... I can do it over 15 times a day if I'm home alone just cause I'm a horny teenager :-$
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