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You know acne has taken over your life when....

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When you have an abdominal aortic aneurysm when you see someone rub their hands all over their face.

that was a good one...

the sad thing is i was laughing so hard on here about this topic, but also wanted to cry at some. It is so true what u allare saying... i thought i was the only one who felt this way. It is so sad that we all suffer from something we hate about our skin- everything i have heard so far has been so funny- and it seems like all u guys have so much personality///if we could opnly all be clear skinned...we would all be stars.

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-when you look somewhere else everytime someone comes

-when you don't look them into the eyes or even at them when ya talk

^I was avoiding my friend's eyes today when she talked to me..

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When you have a beautiful amazing girlfriend, and you think that you have no right to be with her

I used to feel like that a while ago, too. I made a post in this same forum about my bf and my acne - go check it out, it might offer some comfort. If you ever want to talk about it, don't hesitate to send me a message - that goes out to everyone!

When you finally go out to the mall to go shopping, but cry when you look at yourself in the changing room mirrors. Damn those lightings.

When you make your boyfriend go home after he drove 30 minutes just to see you in the morning. You don't even let him inside. :(

When the Kindergartener's that I teach ask me, "Ms. ----, what's wrong with your face? You have LOOOOOOOTS of red dots!" I know that they don't know any better, but it kills me.


Guilty as charged for all these things! I hate the lights and mirrors in changing rooms. You'd think that if they want you to BUY the clothing, they'd try to make it a little more flattering! One my bf was in my neighborhood and called me from outside my apartment building and asked me to come down. I made up some lame excuse about how I couldn't cause I didnt feel well. In reality it was cause I didnt have any make-up on and was in my pjs, and it takes forever to fix myself up. And I remember when my niece (10 yrs old) once saw me without make-up and commented on my pimples. That killed me, too.

You know acne has taken over your life when...you ask a friend of yours with an AMAZING complexion what they do to make their skin so nice. When they reply and say, "Nothing. I just splash some water on it." You seriously feel hopeless and think to yourself, why can't I be one of the lucky ones? Ugh.

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you should dude they could help alot

I don't need one, my acne is pretty much gone all away now. Just the occasional one or two that pop up from time to time.

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when the most important person to you is your derm...i love that motherfucker

haha :lol:

i guess the main thing that bothers me is checking the mirror a lot each day. oh and for the first time, last night, i had a nightmare about acne. it was pretty sad, woke up covered in sweat. sigh... :doubt:

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when you start poppin that accutane like tic tacs

when you run away to fix your makeup every few minutes

when your skin products have taken over your dresser, your room, your house.

when you start doing drugs

when you don't answer the phone

when you avoid your bf/ gf/ crush

when you take a full shower, and do your entire makeup routine before stepping out the door.

when you know.. that you've been living far "too long"

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- you avoid cameras like the plague

- you cry about it almost every day

- you cannot leave the house without makeup

- you can barely make eye contact with anyone anymore

- you have had at least one panic attack from worrying over it

- you are always checking your face in a mirror

- your life revolves around how bad you think you look

- when your skin looks good, you think it has to be a bad camera, or really good lighting, as opposed to the chance of it actually improving

I am guilty of all of the above at some point in these past four years. :cry: Only a couple of these have gone away.


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Guest Mankind

-When you believe that snail slime (Elicina) can get rid of all redness only to be greeted with a breakout of tiny little pimples.

Used that crap wayyyy back few years ago and can't believe how naive I was back then believing a lot of the hyped up shit out on the internet.

Thank god for the org, lol.

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when u go to the bathroom to look at your skin and then flush the toilet even tho u never used it just to let your parents know u werent worrying about your skin again...

hehehe. i do that sometimes.

i'm getting better about it though :D

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You know acne is taking over your life when -

you take 8 advils just to make the pain on your face go away so you can get your attention off it.

you stare at people with clear skin for so long that you start looking like a psycho.

you cry in front of the mirror.

you want to slap your dermatologist for not doing the job that they're paid so much for.

you often ponder skinning your face with a knife and asking for a skin transplant if it were possible.

Harsh, I know. But true.

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When even in your dreams, you are self-conscious about your acne.

When you have nightmares about acne.

Recently this has been happening to me even though I have very little acne and few red spots. I don't know why, but it's tripping me out.

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when u post pictures of urself and ur face isnt in it.. LMAO

when you tried everything and still nothing has worked

when u got a knife to ur throat with BP on ur face

when u start eating BP

when u start snorting accutane

oh goodness... I hope this is exaggerations

when you loose your friends cuz u feel they don't deserve to look at your ugly face

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when you stare at your dog and think "god he is so perfect" every feature on his cute adorable face is perfect. then you start thinking, i wish I was as good looking as my dog

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When your jellow pudding is at an all time low and you can't play your jazz instruments like you used to.

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when you need to get drunk just to stop thinking about killing yourself

when you think about how long its been since you got laid

you avoid certain foods because they "might" cause acne

when you tell everyone you are too busy with work that you cant go out even though you are at home watching tv

when you are at home watching tv and only can focus on how everyone's skin is clear

when you think of how happy you would be if your skin was clear

when you are looking for a way to turn back time and go back to before your "acne" days

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