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hi I'm new in this forum and i just want to talk a little about my story with acne and my life in general. I've been reading a lot of forums in spanish and english i'm from mexico, and i was very glad to find this forum. It's the best one i've ever found. Actually i'm 15 years old and i've been having acne since i was about 13. I've never had a really bad case of acne but it has affected me a lot in mostly every area of my life. My family relationship it's not at its best right now, my whole deal started when my parents started having problems, my mom went into depression, my dad was cheating on my mom, my family was falling apart and like if it wasn't enough acne started showing up. I've gone through a lot of things in my life and i would have thought that it would have made me stronger, but its not like that at all. My low self-steem provoked by acne has made me suffer a lot of things. I've flunked 9th grade because i didnt wanted to leave home or do anything. My mom and dad don't understand me and think i'm overreacting. They say its normal and such but i just want this nightmare to end. Acne has almost leave me homeless a couple of times also. Because i didn't wanted to go to school and stayed home all depressed a lot of days my dad got angry at me and said that if i didn't started going to school and everything that i would have to get out of the house and look for a place to live and be on my own. Obviously this hasn't help me in anything. This last christmas i was actually feeling pretty good I hadn't look my face in a mirror in a couple of months so I thought my skin would be ok. Then by the end of december i went to a wedding of an uncle with almost all of my moms family. I met 2 beautiful and hot cousins who had flawless and perfect skin. That made me very jealous but since I hadn't looked my face in months i was more confident than normal. I had nice days with my cousins, I even danced with them at the wedding and i was feeling pretty good. But in new years eve I made the mistake of looking myself in the mirror of the hotels bathroom. It was a very bad idea!!!!! I got so depressed i thought my skin was looking pretty good but after seeing myself in such a long time i saw not so much pimples but a lot of red marks. My face ruined the hole night. I could have had a lot of fun on new year but instead it got me stucked in the hotels room most part of the night. I'm sick of acne, red marks, scars, shiny face. I'm sick because i can't be myself. I'm sick my parents don't understand and they think i just use acne as an excuse. I'm sick that no one understands the burden that is this problem for me. I know i'm pretty good looking but acne just doesn't let me live my life the way i would like. I stay home alone because of it, i've lost friendships because i never want to go out, i've lost the opportunity of having girlfriends because i get so worried about what girls and other guys will think of me. I would consider my acne mild, and i also have some few redmarks and some scars but its killing me. Its destroying my life and i don't want to keep this way. I'm sick of this. I think i will consider making a deal with my dad. I know he loves me a lot but he just doesn't know how to treat me and what to do about the way i feel with my acne. I will tell him that i'm going to go to school and get good grades and do everything i need to do but he will help me taking me to the derm and buying me roaccutane. I hope after taking accutane and hopefully achieving clear skin my confidence will be much higher and my life will start to change for good. Just having a nice girlfriend would be a great change. Well this is all for now. I just wanted to tell a little bit of how i'm feeling. Hopefully i will be able to start an accutane log soon.
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Hi Henry7,

If this is of any help and encouragement for you, Roaccutance has literally cleared the acne on my face . It works where thousands of dollars of products and facials failed. I'm so happy for you that you've made the choice to go on it. All you have to do now is to look forward to your beautiful complexion and say '' Life, here I come!''

All the best,


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