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Sick of Retin-A and Benzaclin

Hi guys! I'm a 17 year old girl, and I started Retin-A around this time last year. My acne got a little better, but I was still breaking out and my face was greasy as ever. There was redness and peeling but I thought they would go away as my face adjusted. I called my doctor and told her that I was still breaking out and she put me on Benzaclin. So I've been using that in the morning and the Retin at night since about February. My problem is that my face is still so red all the time and it peels. I mostuize well, and I tried not using makeup once but my face was even redder. It's so embarassing...I'll look in the mirror halfway through the school day and my face is bright red and I have a dead skin goatee. I feel like such a freak...I just want to look normal. Would my doctor give me accutane? I'm really tempted just to take it and have everything over with, but I'm a little freaked out by some of the side effects. I'll be in college next year, and all I want is to be able to splash some water on my face in the morning and not have to stand at the sink for a half hour rubbing off dead skin and meticulously applying makeup. Has anyone here had similar experiances with these product or know of any others? Thank you!

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its the same for me!!!! im also 17 and a senior and i am starting accutane in a couple of weeks!! I am also on Ratin A and benzaclin...and i only know too well about the dead skin goatee...lol its horrible!! especially now that the season is changing and its so cold that my skin looks even drier and redder. I hate it!!! i never used to wear makeup either but now i do in order to cover up all the redness and peeling (which really makes it only worse) :-s but hopefully accutane puts me out of misery for good...i will let u know what happened with me...and i would definently ask ur derm for accutane..that way u will be finished before college:)

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