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how do you take your pills on accutane

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I have been prescribed 40mg of accutane per day in two pills of 20 , what I wanted to know is does it make adifference if I take them at the same time or both together.

At the moment i'm on day 11 and usually take them in the middle of my dinner at 5.30 both at the same time or if I havn't eaten with milk like stated on the leaflet....

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To my knowledge ther best taken wiv full meals (seperate)before or after food.. Unless ur derm suggested otherwise?

I was takin same as u to 20mg a day but my derm/doc as now told me to take 2 one day 3 next and so on which i take main meal times.

I read up info from sumwhere tha best taken with fatty like foods.. how true that is im unsure?

Hope your treatment goes well biggrin.gif

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I'm sure it does work with food with at least some fat content, pretty sure that they suggest you can take it with milk due to the (relatively) high fat content you can find in milk.

I'm on 40mg a day myself, but my Doc just gave me 40mg pills, so, obviously, I take mine once a day.

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Umm, are you supposed to be taking them twice a day? It shouldn't really matter. When I was on 40mg a day I'd take one at lunch and one during dinner.

Try taking them during dinner - better absorption!

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I take 2 X 20mg each day at same time (one after another) in between my evening meal , IE i start eating 5.10 and then have pills at 5.20 finish at about 5.25.

I don't think it is a big problem that I am taking them both at the same time it did say on the prescription sticker take two once daily, just wanted to get some input from the rest of you, thanks for the replysa anyways.

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