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LEVULAN w/IPL or BLU light, CO2, VITAMINS, SPIRO., DIET, BC, and tanning.

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I had 5 treatments, July, August, Sept, Aug, and November of the Levulan with IPL. Now, In late January, I am COMPLETELY clear. I've had about 8 pimples since novemeber, and with a past cystic acne history, I'm glad to say, I've yet to get a cyst. I'm worried though, than in a few months, my acne will return. My question is, has anyone done levulan- what happened and what were your long term results. My dermatologist said I might need a maintnence treatment 6 months after my 5th procedure and maybe a following session of 4 6 months after my matinence. He said there's no way to predict it though.

LEVULAN- please do NOT pick the peeling skin, YOU WILL SCAR NO MATTER WHAT.

Also, I'm getting the CO2 laser done to treat my depressions from cystic acne, this will probably be in March. I know I won't be able to do a levulan treatment until it's 6+ months from the CO2 laser. So, when my scars are fixed, I'd rather not deal with more acne and a possibility for more scars. But of course, I know not to pick my face anymore.

CO2- only meant for deeper scars or deep wrinkles. HIGHLY embrasive. Redness can or will last up to 6 months, gradually fading, your face will ooze for 5 to 6 days, and feel for about 2 weeks. NO sun exposure during healing, and protective sun exposure after... ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.

CORTISONE SHOTS- can leave depressions in your skin, if you have cystic acne, try to avoid those and stick it out. I wish I would've.

VITAMINS and OTC DRUGS- What do you all think may help me with returning acne. I take Vitamin E daily, and ZINC a couple times a week. ANY FEEDBACK?

SPIROLACTONE- any ladies on it and feel it's working???????? anyone?

BIRTH CONTROL- Yaz... anybody... feedback? I'm on that as well.

WATER- I drink much more now, anybody started drinking water to help with skin? feedback?

BROCOLI and other foods- that help with acne????????????? I read salads a few times a week help clear the colon, which helps detox the body. wheatgrass shots clear your system as well. I heard brocoli- does it work???? Milk has been known to cause acne because treated milk may still have some reminants of penecillin (which i personally am allergic too) because that's what many cows are treated with to produce milk and such nonsense. Some people have slight allergies to milk and lactose, and don't know. ask your doctor.

THE ACV regimine. first. lemons, in your water to clear acne, can damage your teeth!!! it's not smart to drink lemon water daily- it's wears down your teeth enamel because of the citrus. I personally did the system for 2 weeks and saw no results other than a stinky face.

SUNSCREEN- wear it damnit!!!! 50+ daily, alone or under makeup.

TANNING BEDS- cover your face, the lamps can cause a breakout!!!! careful ladies. and boys I spose. haha:)

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My daughter had the levulan and microdermabrasion, and the light treatment (not laser), and after about 4 weeks of continuing but minor breakouts, had about 6-8 months of clearing following it. She has done it 3 times, but only once per year. As to CO2 laser for scars, my only advice is to be sure nothing is done which makes your situation worse, or gives you any skin color changes. I assume you have done a lot of research on what is proposed, and I am no doctor. There are probably many threads from people who have had CO2 laser, and I recommend you take the time to search for threads on the subject and read all you can first. Best of luck to you.

She is also on Yaz, and we don't know how much it helps, but it is probably cumulative--every thing helps a little and together they might help a lot, but we are afraid to discontinue the Yaz for fear of a breakout renewal, so for now, we have no way to be sure if Yaz is necessary or not...

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I'm so glad to see this thread started! I've JUST come home this AM from my 4th Levulan/Photodynamic Therapy treatment. So yes, I'm hiding out in my darkened family room, trolling the acne.org website for some hope.....

After the first PDT tx I had, my skin broke out HORRIBLY. Cysts, small papules around my mouth, compounded by the terrible burning/peeling that lasted for like 2 weeks. The 2nd treatment was way too long after: I waited like 4.5-5 weeks, due to scheduling and my husband's availability - it's hard to hide out for a few days out of the daylight with kids that need to be taken to school and activities! But the 2nd one wasn't as bad as the first one, burn-wise.....but new cysts and pimples kept coming out.

The third tx recovery was much shorter - and the time frame between was 2 weeks....way closer, since the MD said we need to really hit those nasty sebaceous glands more frequently, without too much time in between tx's. My skin still had some troubled spots, but not as bad as with the first 2. And now, this morning, the fourth treatment. The doc seemed to think my skin looks better, aside from the troubled spots, but wants me to come back in 2 weeks for another tx.

I'm SO encouraged to hear of your results - - esp having read you needed 5 treatments!!!! I can't tell you how discouraged I've been having seen the consistent forming of cysts and small pimples after going through this excrutiating burning experience - that happens to cost a lot, too! I'd heard all about the burning/stinging/peeling after effects of the PDT, but NO ONE told me that I'd continue to break out. I thought it would stop right after the first tx - just be uncomfortable and peeley - not in need of cortisone injections (which don't seem to scar me, thank goodness..... hope it continues)

Please write more about your experience - - so far, all I've read about PDT and Levulan on THIS board has been negative. "no help, waste of money, blah blah blah..." But the research I've read on the internet in dermatological journals was SO encouraging - - especially for cystic acne. So, I decided to give it a try - with all the money I've spent on topicals, antibiotics, vitamins, supplements, face washes, dr.appts., cortisone injections...... it's so worth it IF IT WORKS for ME!

Again - thank you for starting this thread - I look forward to hearing more about your newly GREAT skin!!! Patti

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i just had my first blu-u light with the medicine two days ago and I had know idea it would burn my skin and make it look like this! I put some make- up on to go to the store and had to rush home because it started burning like my face wa on fire! The essetician never told me anything at all! She said that here were no side effects and talked like it was just some light that you sat under for a few minutes.

I payed $250.00 for my treatment What did you guys pay? My chin looks as thou it will scab! I'm really worried about permenant damage. I ahd know idea I would be unable to leave the house and I have three kids!

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