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Will this eventually cause my acne to come back?

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I'm now 4 months post tane, my red marks are almost all healed, I look great just a few more months and it'll be superb but!...Ever since the end of my course I keep getting very tiny pimples mostly my forehead and temples and from time to time my chin, upper lip and very little my cheecks (that just started recently) like anywhere from 1-5 a day.

They are either tiny whiteheads or reddish pimples but I never get anything noticeable maybe like once a month, the biggest ones I get are some small reddish clogged pores like up to a dozen a month, but they too are small. And I go through periods of being almost clear with them and then periods they are here.

I don't mind them since they are not noticeable but I always worry I'll relapse. And no I don't use topicals, I'm sick of them and for the type of stuff I'm getting no topicals needed anyway.

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Not necessarily. You don't have to use a topical cream all over your face; I don't. I prefer only to use a small dab on small areas I would consider problem areas. It prevents breakouts, and it prevents dryness. You could also try taking a multi-vitamin.

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call up your derm and ask.

I dunno if I can trust my derm he always has different opinions on accutane, I think he is schizo or something since he is a very strange guy. First time I walked into his office, I asked him if accutane can really cure a lot of people he said "Well accutane will make your acne a whole lot better". Another time he said results are usually permanent and when my treatment was done he said you have outgrown acne now. I did visit him about 2 weeks ago and he said it's fine you are cured. And I asked him how can you just tell, and he told me it's rare for adult males to relapse after accutane, never happened to hime. I'm going on 21 and am male.

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