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Remarkable results with tinted Clearasil at spackling scars.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...I will try again to resubmit my post. I would like to share with you a techniqe I have been experimenting with that has given me surprising results. Its inexpensive but very time consuming and requires a steady hand. Its also a hit or miss type of thing and you may have to experiment and work at achieving the desired results before giving up. I do this under the brightest light I have and one that reveals my skin imperfections in the harshest light so I don't think I'm deluding myself here.

First I moisturize a clean face then apply a light foundation, then using the tip of my tweezers I squeeze a tiny bit of the Clearasil onto the tip of the tweezer and spackle in my poc marks/pits. I use the flat edege of the tweezers to smooth over the application of spackle. Less is definitely more with this product in achieving a natural effect that doesn't look cakey or heavily made up. Sometimes I mix the clearasil with a tiny drop of water and a tiny almost miniscule amount of moisturizer to create a milky consistency. I do this with my fingertip right on my face.

Like I said, it requires a lot of time and experimentation working to refine the appearance of the scars,pits but it is definitely doable and I feel a lot better about the appearance of my face because I have succeeded in at least creating smaller pits (refining them) whereas before they looked like a third eye (gross). I have 3 1/8 inch scars on my nose and also a raised scar that grosses me out on my nose. With the clearasil technique I have been able to effectively reduce the appearance of the scars and their length and create a more pleasing illusion.

I also use a tan/rust colored eyebrow pencil to do touchups on raised areas to help them recede a bit. I hope you will try it and see what you think. Its no cureall, but for me, I have achieved even more satisfying results then with other products I have used and spent a lot more money on. I took my dermablend back because it made my pores look like craters.

Good luck!


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Hi Sun,

Have you ever put the clearasil on first, let dry and then concealer/foundation? I am very pale and I know the dark tint would show up on top of my foundation. Thanks!


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I broke down your message into 4 paragraphs....hope you don't mind. biggrin.gif

Just want to make it easier for all reader ....(esp ME....I'm old....lol) biggrin.gif/

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