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Cystic help...somewhat urgent

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I started the regime about a month and a half ago, and it's helped so far. It hasn't cleared me up, but it's improved my skin texture and has really slowed breakouts, though it hasn't done anything for my old red marks.

However, I've noticed that I've been getting more "cystic" type acne. I rarely get just the little red bumps anymore.

Now, I don't actually know exactly what cystic acne is. Are "cysts" hard and round, or what? What I have/get are basically just relatively large, inflamed seeming pimples under the surface of the skin that eventually come to a head. But they aren't really hard to the touch, and they're never any bigger than a dime. I've gotten quite a few in the past, but they never leave any pitting or major scarring, except for "icepick scars" I think they're called.

My main question is, how can I stop them from inflaming any further? I have one large one and one small one just to the left of my nose. They started semi-small, but now one of them seems to be inflaming under the skin. Can someone tell me some method of stopping the inflammation? I need to keep this sucker from getting too nasty.

(On a related note, I've recently started taking large doses of B-5 and such through a product called "Clear Skin Image". Anyone heard anything about it? I had a few "cysts" under the skin that had been there for like 2 months and refused to surface, and a week after using taking Clear Skin Image, they dissapeared, basically re-absorbed, I guess.

It's probably the b-5 that did it.)

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate any advice on those two "cysts". I need to stop them by Friday, I'm doing stuff over the weekend and can't afford to have these suckers get any bigger.

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There's a topic about neosporin just a few topics down http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=12303 that might work. Or hydrocortisone cream...the highest concentration...it's either 1% or 2%. I think those are worth a try. Also, if they're really inflammed and painful then avoid putting BP on them. BP seems to bring pimples to a head faster but it also slows the healing process and can sometimes make pimples worse. That's been my experience at least.

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