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Mandy Ann

Using a sponge to apply MMU

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Today, I decided not to use any of my MMU brushes because they loooked kind of gross... but I needed to put cover up on, so I decided to use a sponge instead. I must say, using a sponge to apply worked very well, if not BETTER than a kabuki brush... it was very convienent. Im just worried that sponges could waste some of the powder.

Just a tip!

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hi mandy...sorry i haven't tried using a sponge to apply MMU, but i'm guessing if you wet your minerals a little, you can use a sponge and apply it like liquid foundation? i actually thought about doing that...

give it a try and let us know if it works well!

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I add the mineral concealor to a little bit of moisturizer, and it works well for undereye circles. :D

Also, for any other discolouration. Then put some powder on top.

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If I'm in a rush (as I am most mornings- as I think beauty sleep is just as important as a good beauty routine :P) and I don't have time to let my moisturiser sink in properly - I mix some mineral foundation with a bit of moisturiser and apply over my already moisturised face :)

Then I can just use a regular powder brush or a kabuki if it's clean and near by to coverup any yucky red parts of my face that aren't covered perfectly

It works really well.

I'm not sure which method I prefer better

I like using the kabuki but sometimes if I don't let my moisturiser sink in enough, it goes all claggy and streaking and clumps into massive mineral balls- so having the option of the sponge is very useful :D

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I always apply my MMU with a flat flocked sponge. I get far better coverage and it's less messy.

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