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Guest Lylat uk

Helping people with acne.

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Guest Lylat uk

I have had acne for five years and thanks to the regimen inow have it under control. However i am left with scars on my face and emtional scars. From my experience 90% of people with acne suffer with depression as a direct result of acne. My face still has red marks and i still get the odd spot every now and then. Although this is fantastic results it serves as a constant reminder what will happen if i stop the regimen. This can lead to my depression becoming bad. I don't know about anyone else but trying to keep a positive mind 24/7 is very tiring. Sometimes i think what is the point if i have it, i have it. However on another day i will feel great and think how good my skin looks compared to three months ago.

Now that i have 99% cleared up people have been coming to me on the gallery and in my personal and asking me questions about how to get clear and coping with depression. The theme to this story is that because of my bad times with acne i am able to give others so much help and advise that it makes me feel happy when they so thank you. They tell me how helpful i have been to them. If i can give one persom a glimmer of hope to get through the acne nightmere then maybe what i had to endure and still enduring is worth it.

Therefore try helping someone with your own experience it might make youe feel better about yourself as well as making someone else feel good. Everybody wins then.


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