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Hi ppl im thinking of starting the vinegar method...on my temples i have tons of big pores i duno if they are scars our what, from what i can see looks like some are tiny scars and some are open pores it looks terrible and on top of that i have some rolling scars that i just got last year from some acne i had around that area...do u guys think the vinegar method would work good for this? our should i try somthing else first??

If so how much vinegar and how much water do i dilute it with?

Do u break out at all with putting this on your face?..im scared to use this for the scars and then break out over it and get even more sad.gif

I use proactiv 3 step system which works good for me..i use it morning and night, i might just not put any on my temples during the day and put the vinegar on those areas instead.

What do u guys think u are the experts smile.gif is it ok to use the vinegar and BP(proactiv) like this?

Thanks for reading!

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The vinegar method may work, but everyone's results will be different.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions thread to find out how much vinegar and how much water -- Everyone uses different amounts. It's best to start slowly rather than irritating your skin.

Most people do not break out, but each person will have different results. If you are scared, maybe you could try using the vinegar in a small area of your face for a week or so.

If Proactiv works well for you, I don't understand why you would want to change your routine. :-k

If I were you, I'd apply vinegar before using BP.

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so u saying to apply the vinager the bp over top of it? only reason i want to change my routine is cuz the proactiv does nothing to help rolling scars and large pores

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No - If I were you I would apply the vinegar first, before applying the BP.

However, I think it's best to get rid of your acne before treating your scars.

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Theres no way of getting rid of my acne..only thing that works is proactiv and the BP but even usign that i still get 1 our 2 zits a week and maybe 4-5 cysts a year some big some not to bad whne u look at my face i dont have tons of pimples all over but a blemish here and there.

ive tried so much and know im 21 dont think theres anything out there thats goign to cure my acne for good so waiting untill i get no pimples at all on my face would probably be when im in my 40,2 our somthing cuz i really doubt im going to out grow this, and i definetly want to fix these 1 our 2 bad scars while im young smile.gif

Maybe ill try the b5 smile.gif

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