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Since the probiotics in pill form die off white still in the pill bottle and you don't get what you pay for....

HAS ANYONE TRIED REJUVELAC (fermented cabbage juice made from shredded cabbage and distilled water)? It's the way to make probiotics at home and it's inexpensive.

I am going to try it and I want some advice.

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Kefir is really great stuff. I ended up making it after finally obtaining some grains here in australia. But when they came in the post, there was really only one noticeable grain, they probably all died from heat or something like that while in the post. The pain with kefir is that it is quite inconvenient to make and stuff, and u have 2 make it everyday to keep ur grains alive etc etc. Great stuff, not convenient when you live a busy lifestyle.

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chopped cabbage which has been salted and allowed to ferment until sour

so you can make probiotics with this?

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Yes, saurkraut is sooo good to eat, but you have to use plain salt, not the iodized salt 'cause iodine exaccerbates acne. ANd of course if you use tap water, the chlorinewill kill the good bugs and defeat the purpose. Store bought saurkraut doesn't have these live cultures too.

ALso, if you live with your 76 yr old father who has 5 heart bypasses and a pacemaker difribulator and high blood pressure you want to avoid SALT.

ANyone, use or make REJUVELAC!!!?!!!

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Here is the recipe I am using right now.

3 cups of finely shredded cabbage (you can do this on a mandolin/ shredder / or blender)

2 cups of DISTILLED water (very important because the chlorine in tap water kills the cultures)

Put this in a GLASS container, cover with a paper towel or cheese cloth.

Let it set 2-3 days.

Strain the liquid off and drink 1/2 cup with meals. Fresh Live Probiotics!

Reserve 1/4 cup of the liquid and add to your next batch.

Same recipe, plus the above and you only have to let it sit for 24 hours b/c these cultures give it a head start.

The mixture should not stink or taste foul.

A lot of work but they are live cultures and if you drink a lot of chlorinated tap water like me, your gut is probably deficient in these good little bugs.

SOmeone suggested Kefir. Isn't that a dairy product like yogurt. I get joint pain everytime I eat yogurt. ANyone else with this problem?

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Have any of you tried Culturelle probiotic?

It is supposed to be the most extensively studied and tested probiotic out there right now. Adheres well to the intestinal tract and is not destroyed by stomach acids.

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saurkraut? I don't understand what's going on here. If it's just saurkraut branded with a fancy name I'm kind of wierded out.

You can make it at home cheaply or buy it at the store. It's still really good quality at the store, even if it's the cheapest kind because it's just fermented cabbage. It costs next to nothing to make so they can sell it for next to nothing and still make a large margin. I make it but our safeway has like 7 brands, some from Europe.

Can someone explain to me what's going on? Is this a joke like saying try Colonsize, all you have to do is take oats, roll it and steam it. Boil with water and consume!

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THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Where do you think Probiotics come from? Not in the chem lab.

Homemade Saurkraut (made with NON chlorinated water) like kim chee and other homemade pickled vegetables provides good live probiotics. If fact, I think all live foods give you some helpful digestive bacteria. You probably can't trust the saurkraut you purchase in the grocery store though.

REJUVELAC is not saurkraut, it is a drink you make yourself.

REJUVELAC is the leftover liquid strained from finely shredded cabbage and distilled water that you let sit at room temperature and grow the probiotics cultures. (see the recipe in a previous post above).

I also make cole slaw with the leftover shredded cabbage. So, homemade coleslaw and cabbage is good for probiotics.

I've been drinking 1/2 cup of Rejuvelac with meals for a few days.

So, far it definitely regulates you. As for skin, I'll update on progress.

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I know where probiotics come from. Storebought sauerkraut is absolutely safe and incredibly good for you. I'm not accusing you but asking an honest question becasue I would hope you know somethign about this process. How much probiotics can fermenting somethign this quick give you? I'm askign because most fermented foods take months to ferment properly, and then they are still adding cultures in storage. This cabbage/grain liquid is fermented in a very short time and drank even quicker.

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Sorry if my reply came off defensive. Didn't mean for it to be. I didn't think you were accusing me of anything. I am just saying that, YES this is legit. You can read more about it in a book called HEALTHY COLON HANDBOOK. I read it years ago and forget the authors name.

I don't think you want to let this REJUVELAC ferment too long, at some point it would begin to rot. Grains would of course become alcohol. Yogurt doesn't have to sit long to acquire cultures helpful for digestion, so 3 days shouldn't be a problem.

I really don't know how many cultures (millions, ,billions etc ) grow from this. Too many factors affect it. You've definitely got be sure to put the drink in a place that stays around 70 degrees. THis would make a great science project, for some kid.

Anyway, since drinking this, my face has been clearer (this could be a coincidence though).

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