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Ok, well, I'm not sure whether these are scars or inflammation, but I've had, and still have acne problems. I don't get as many pimples now, but I've got so many red marks left over, even from the ones I didn't pick. When i touch my skin it feels totally smooth, but the red marks are there, I would have thought my skin would have been dry or something?

I first had a problem with acne about a year and a half ago, the first occurance I had a topical cream and I used it wrong and burnt my face (stupid, i know), when the burn healed I had totally clear skin, which was amazing. Went about 6 months with perfect skin and it came back really badly, I tried to convince my mum to let me see a dermatologist but she kept refusing because she said that they would just put me on medication that could make me depressed, but ive kept bugging her and she finally made an appointment through my uncle, who is a GP. Its in about a week, which is 2 weeks before school starts again. First day of college, id really like my skin to look ok at the very least....I seriously dont want to start at a new school with no confidence whatsoever. Is there any chance I can get improvement after 2 weeks?

If i can get some pics ill post them up so you can let me know how severe it is, I have no idea to be honest. Thanks a lot for any help.

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DITTO! i hate it when people say that ive got them because i picked! which i did not (at least not always! :mellow: ), they just get that way.

though my marks are gradually fading (they used to be a whole lot reder) they're still there, and very much visible.... aah! i think im going on that apple vinegar regimen thing. ive got nothing left to loose.

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