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How do you get rid of whiteheads?

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Does anyone know the best way of getting rid of whiteheads without having to spending heaps of $$$ or buying online and also does anyone know the possible causes of whiteheads?

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I have closed comedoe around my mouth and chin but on my forehead they are like opened pores that are blocked. I have read the pinned topic but im looking for some thing cheaper that doesnt involve buying online. I know the beach is like a cure for my whiteheads i am 100% clear after a few trips to the beach but the weather is cold now:(.

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Ok well blackheads are a bummer. I have them myself. And they make up most of my breakouts. I recommend, if you are using a moisture, stop using it for a couple of days. I find it makes my skin oily and prone to breakouts. You can buy this really cheap stuff called Aloe Vera, you have probably heard of it before. I bought my bottle for $2.50 and its been lasting me for ages. I recommend the brand 'Fruit of the Earth' , and just apply generous amounts to the affected areas and leave on overnight. If it doesn't help you after a few days, then I guess it aint for you. I find that it helps shrink mine, along with helping to heal my red marks.

Good luck.

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