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Does going to the gym causes ance?

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It differs for different people.

For me, working out is good because it doesn't make my acne worst...

and my skin usually feels better after a tedious workout.

it keeps you in better mood as well, IMO.

Lifting weights is good ain't it? Just try it out, it may help, it may not. But it shouldn't make it worst.

Good luck.

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I don't think lifting will cause you to break out. You should be more concerned with the supplements that you are taking. That might cause you to break out.

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Going to the gym won't break you out, iv'e been lifting heavy weights at low reps slowly(which places a lot of stress on the body/muscles) and my skin is looking great. Just make sure you don't touch/rub/pick your face too much while you are there and have a shower afterwards.

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also shindou brings up another important point, make sure you stick away from some of the supplements esp. Andro/Steroids/Growth Hormones etc.

If your going to use supplements get yourself a good quality whey protein powder, which shouldn't affect your acne at all.

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Strength training effects testosterone levels. Testosterone effects acne.

Possible connection, although likely only makes a minute difference. Working out is generally not considered an factor in acne.

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I foud that running caused me to get lots of small spots around my temple and upper forehead by the hairline. I'm convinced this was due to sweat buildup.

I don't think that lifting weights created any acne problems.

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