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Going to Dermatologist for the 1st time - a little about me

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Hello, All,

My name is Adam and I'm from Tennessee. I just turned 23 years old. I have never had a problem with acne until I turned 22. I first developed some sort of bumps on my scalp that itched, and sometimes i could pop them. And sometimes it hurt like small cysts. This was mainly on the back of my scalp and sides, behind my ears. Well I never thought anything of it. I am the type to not want to go to the doctor. I figured it'd go away. Well it kept bothering me and I slowly devleoped some acne on my face. Well, I wasn't too worried about it. I popped it, and everything. I didn't know any better, really. So I began to use some over the counter medicine, off and on, like astringent, sacylic acid, ect.

I never really took excellent care of it , or ate healthy. So it kept getting a bit worse each month or so. For some reason it didn't bother me a whole lot. I just thought it would go away sooner or later. Well it's been about 11 months since my first break out. And this past month I have researched it thoroughly, and I must say, I am now scared.

So I guess what I had on my scalp was acne too, at least I think. How strange? Well the past 3 weeks I have changed my diet to low fat, low carb. I eat oatmeal, banana, apple, turkey 24/7 now. I drink lots of water. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, or caffeinated drinks anymore. I have switched my shampoo/conditoner to all organic. This alone, has really helped the acne on my scalp. It doesn't really bother me anymore. However, my face is another story.

While I think dieting and all has helped, it is still frustrating me. I have stopped using all alcohol based astringinet and medication recently. I only use a mild cleanser called 'Neutrogena Liquid Soap' twice a day. This has seemed to help a bit, and is less irritating to my skin. I believe all of those over-the-counter medications made it worse.

Since I have stopepd using the medications, my skin seems much more oilier than before. I guess all those medications stripped away my natural oil, or something, and now my face is pumping out more oil than before. I don't use a moisturizer or anything. I have acne all over my face, but most of it seemes to be old now. It left quite a few red marks. It seems to be spreading towards my neck now. And I am very slowly starting to develop acne on my back. I don't want to try any home remedies, so I have finally made an appointment to see a doctor.

I am not sure what to expect when I go see the doctor. I am affraid they are going to give me stuff that won't work, and just tell me to come back after 3 months and they will try something else. I understand acne is a nuisance, but I want to be smart about this and try to do it right the first time. I prefer washing my face naturally without using any topical medications, as these just seem to irritate my skin more. So I really don't think topical medications would be best for my sensitive skin. I kind of want to keep doing it as natural as possible so my oil glands can get back to normal. So this leads me to believe that an antibiotic will work best.

I am also fortunate to have vbeam laser near-by. They say they can treat my acne alone, without medications, using this method. Well their website says that, but I haven't had that confirmed by a doctor. I wonder if this would be a good option for me, and it even gets the redness out a lot. But I'm guessing I have a problem internally that needs to be addressed. So maybe starting with antibiotics would be best.

I am not sure what to do when I go for my appointment though. I don't want to give into the doctors every suggestion and let her talk me into a bunch of mess. So could you all please give me some advice on my situation, dealing with doctors, etc.?

Thank you to all who help contribute to people in my situation. Life is tough, but we must never lose hope and faith. There are people in much worse condition than we acne sufferers.

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