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my pictures - accutane for me?


my derms prescribed me 20mg once a day for 2 months and then 40mg for 4 months

what u think?

and since u gotta wait 6 months after tane for scar treatment.. should i do something about the redness BEFORE i start accutane so i dont have to do it after? or what

what u guys recommend 4 my face from lookin at the pics?

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I think accutane will take care of the redness. As long as you moisturize excessively and don't wash with any harsh chemicals your skin won't get irritated.

I don't know what to say about the scar treatment... my acne was back by 6mos post treatment so I wouldn't have been able to do it.

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How the hell did you get roaccutane, no offense but your acne is way milder than mine and every time i suggest it, the derm (NHS) just dismisses me. I know you went private, but did they just give it to you straight away? I know im gonna have to go private and pay around £600 to be cured of this s h i t.

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Well, the acne on my face is pretty mild, but yet I was given accutane.

But the primary reason was because of the acne on my back and chest, which was pretty bad.

Maybe he has acne other places?

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ye i went privatly and he gave it to me straight away

i only have very mild acne on my back also

but anyway.. i dont wanna take accutane and end up wit rosacea

is it possible for acne bacteria to just be sitting under the skin and making the skin red? cos the pores on my nose are all clogged, big and lots of black heads and my nose is SUPER SUPER SUPER OILY.. and its like red..

could that be due to the acne vulgaris? cos i dont have cystic acne

also does anyone know if accutane will help with acne vulgaris?

my doc has me on 20mg for 2 months then 40mg for 4 months? does that seem like an effective dose to u? i weigh 60kg

id hate to have a relaps and have to do it again..

i was also looking in to the low does accutane, like 20mg once a week?!?!?

what u guys reckon?

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