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Accutane - 9 months

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I am on dosage of 30 mg, about 0.4 mg/kg.

I am on Accutane about 5 months.

My face is clear (no acne), but redmarks is still here...every month less.

I will talk with my dr. and ask him if I can take pills for 4 months more!

He said before i start that therapy lasts 6-9 months, but last 3 with decrease gradually.

I want take pills for 9 months, because i am on "only" 0.4 mg/kg.


Who has take Accutane for 9 months!?!?

If i take it for 9 months, i will be almost on 115 mg/kg.

On 6 months only 77 mg/kg.

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My first course lasted for nine months at a much higher dosage for my weight. Worked good, stayed clear for about 10 years before it started to come back. At that dosage i think a nine month course is perfectly justified, and if your doctor will agree to it, go for it.

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How long I should wait before second course!?

For example, i will be on pills till May (and 2 weeks in May) ...i hope so i will be safe from "no acne" at least 2-3 months during a summer. Do you believe in it!?

It mean till end of August i will without Roaccutane...

If acne will appear, definitly i will go to 2nd course.

What is in most cases "test time" to see what will happen with acne?

What doctors says?

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I am about to finish my 3rd month on Claravis (generic accutane). I weigh 190 pounds. All the bumps are gone and all that is left are the red marks, which will fade with time.

I was on 40 mg a day (20 mg 2 times a day) for the first month, then bumped up to 60 mg per day (20 mg in the morning with breakfast and 40 mg with dinner). But I was taken back down to 40 mg per day for the fourth month because my triglycerides are high.

My Derm said that she plans to keep me at this dose (40 mg per day) for 7 more months, which is a total of 10 months of the medication. I didn't think this was right at first, but she said it is better for scarring and will help to train my skin to not be breaking out and most important, it will minimize the side-effects. She said this puts me at 0.5 mg/kg, instead of the usual 1 mg/kg, but for a longer time. She said this will get me to a cumulative dose of a little more than 120 mg/kg, which is what you need to get to prevent an acne relapse, which is what I absolutely do not want. I love that I have no bumps. I don't think I have had skin like this since I was 15.

But you should figure out your cumulative dose. Add all the medication and divide it by your weight in kilograms.

So for example, for me

Month 1: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 2: 60 mg x 30 = 1800 mg

Month 3: 60 mg x 30 = 1800 mg

Month 4: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 5: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 6: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 7: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 8: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 9: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg

Month 10: 40 mg x 30 = 1200 mg


13,200 mg over the course of 10 months

Cumulative Dosage = Total dosage in Mg

Weight in Kg

= 13,200 mg

90 kg

= 146.67

So as you can see, I will be recommended cumulative dose range of 120 mg/kg to 150 mg/kg, which is what you have to get to so that your acne doesn't come back. Figure out the cumulative dose that you are headed for, and if the dose is low, but for a longer time, and you still get to 120 to 150 mg/kg, you should be okay.

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