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i actually just stopped putting all these damn products on my face ive noticed quite a difference. im convinced that after a year of using the products (sa, proactive, bp) and developing worse and worse acne that it was the products that caused it. id watch survivor and think, they dont have acne. cavemen probably didnt have acne. i realized people that probably dont give a shit about their face, we will take truckers for example, have a fine complexion.

it cant be like this naturally. im serious.

i got super drunk a few days ago. i drank alot of beer, and i think it dried out my acne. (im not suggesting anyone does that, i had a really bad hangover) my face looked a little bit better, as i think it usually does after a night of drinking. which i rarely do.

but since then, for the last few days ive just been splashing water on my face, once in the morning, and taking a shower at night. NOT USING ANYTHING ON MY FACE. no moisturizers, no 'cleansers', none of that crap. my acne has really decreased significantly, and im quite excited to see what happens.

i think it may be because nothing is clogging my pores, although my skin is a bit flaky on my chin, theres no fresh zits when i look in the mirror every morning. its worth it to not have new zits. i feel that its only a matter of time until my skins oil/ph balance or whatever balances itself out, the redness is already healing. im also taking minocylcine, and i would like to try this B5 ive been reading about.

i currently take vitamin A supplements. and am going to pick up some vitamin B, C tomorrow.

i encourage others to try this as my face is actually returning to its original colour, before i started using all these products and worrying about my face.

if you are going to try this:

- dont touch your face at all, no picking whatsoever, just dont touch it, its worth it

- dont touch your mouth ( a bad habit of mine, id always play with my lips) this probably brings bacteria to my body


- just splash water on your face twice or 3 times a day. lightly pat dry with a towel.

- dont worry about dryness, slight peeling.

mine has decreased alot, its pretty much isolated to my chin now. the zits on my cheeks are slightly red and drying and peeling off, and the skin is healing. im hoping that within 10 days that my face is essentially clear, and getting quite close to healing, alleviating redness.

ive had quite alot of acne too. very noticeable. pretty bad case. the monocycline keeps it under control i think.

- its been 4 days and ive seen a dramatic improvement. i know many of you my consider this a suicide for my skin, but we will see. dont worship the cremes and crap you put on your skin. i seriously hope this works and someone else can benefit from it.

i will keep you people updated.

wish me luck!

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ah yes.. I was like you once when every product irritated my sensitive skin and caused it to break out. i to wash with only water and thats when i take a shower biggrin.gif . I stopped washing my face completly and my face has cleared up significantly. I do this to stay clear and i take zinc(50 mg) everyday once a day. I have flawless skin now. Believe or not it used to be covered in redmarks!!

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i too am washing with only water. i have been doing this for a few days now and my skin is looking good. i am also taking b5, zinc, multi-vit, b-complex, and acidophilis. i have washed with only water before and it worked wonders for me, i am hoping that i can achieve the same level of success i had before. jerryhsu.. keep us posted! and good luck!!

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wow. my skin is ALOT clearer. the redness has really decreased.

i dont really have any whiteheads to pop, mebbe a little one on my forehead. both cheeks are starting to return to normal skin tone! NORMAL SKINTONE. i havent had that on parts of my face for more than a year.


it must have been the products, all the stuff i was putting on my face. even cetaphil i think causes acne. you just get so afraid of not using products, for fear itll get worse. im telling you people to try this.

im going to buy sum more vitamin a supplements, and while im there im going to get sum zinc, b5, and vitamin C too.

this can only get better! its healing! i can tell. seriously, this is great.

for everyone that is stressed out about their face, and have used every product under the sun. STOP.

try this for a week, and see if it helps.


im going to go splash water on my face for the day! biggrin.gif (so easy!)

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ive been on minocycline for almost a year.

its not just the minocycline!

this is the longest ive ever went without putting any products on my face, even moisterizer, and i dont have any new zits, and the redness is drying up, flaking off and healing.

without new zits my face is getting better. ive never had a day without getting a new zit. now i have.

i wish i had pictures to show you people.

its all the chemicals on your faces! i swear! even non pore clogging moisterizers give me zits i think.

anyways, its going well, although my face is a bit dry in some places, (where zits were)

i bought zinc, vitamin C and more vitamin A today. i couldnt find any vitamin B5 at the vitamin store! i checked 2 stores.. so im guessing its not available in most health stores/vitamin places? i saw it for sale on the internet but it was like $50 american. ah well. i think it might be under a different name.


things are going good so far.


im excited!


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no soap! nothing touches my face except for water and the clean towel i pat it dry with.

no whiteheads today!

alot of the dryness is going away, i think my skin is readjusting!

the most noticeable difference is the redness is going away!

my skin looks alot better.

if you are going to try this, which i really suggest you do, my face used to be terrible.

you may still get zits, only in the areas where zits already immediately exist, so the clear parts of your face will get clearer and the active zits will dry up and fall off, allowing that area to heal and become clear for good with the rest of your face.

my cheeks and chin are alot clearer!

actually i remember i thought of this a few months ago, while doing all these 'regimes' and using all these products, that i hadnt been washing, or putting anything on my moustache area, and that was completely clear. i started to put a little BP on there 'just to be safe' and a week or so later it had broken out and before 4 zits and 2 weeks, it was clear again.


my face was terrible. i had several whiteheads a day, causing more redness, all over my cheeks and chin, a bit on my forehead, my jawline.

this is great, day 6 im continuing to clear up ALOT. im taking zinc and vitamin C now, in addition to the vitamin A i was taking.

i really think its just a matter of time until im 100% clear. biggrin.gif

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yeah i would suggest not using moisturizer. i think that contributed to the white heads i would get, as no matter what type i used it would clog my pores.

my skin is dry, but after since im not getting any more zits, biggrin.gif/ , the skin eventually isnt all dry and flaky and is returning to normal skin tone.

my right cheek is pretty dry right now, with little flakes, b/c the acne was really bad there, my chin was dry 5 days ago and now its alot better. not noticeably dry. seriously it could only take a few days to undry, even tho every time i wet my face it gets dry, this is decreasing every day.

a dry face, on the way to healing, is better than face with active acne. thats just my opinion.

i seriously hope this works as good for you as is for me right now.

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im really starting to think that i never had acne to begin with.

my face is getting so much better i cant even believe it.


you people have to try this. i read through the different posts, and everyone is asking "Did putting dexelmothylene (whatever) on your face help? along with the 6 other cremes and shit your putting on your face everyday?"

seriously. trying using all these chemicals/products on your arm, i bet you develop acne.

you cant be afraid of using NOTHING. b/c this is seriously working for me.

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sorry to also be a pesimist, and I do hope this works for you. But looking at the dates of your posts in this log, it's been 1 day! If you're still raving in a month I'll take a closer look.

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i know it seems early

but ive stopped getting cystic zits and whiteheads. ive never went a single day without getting a zit for the last year a bit, and my face looks like hell. its starting to get better, very fast.

be cynic and addicted to BP, dont hate unless you try it.

i mean everyone on here claims to have tried everything, every product,

you people should try doing nothing.

doesnt that seem to be the commonality between everyone on here?

everyone on here is dying from acne, and all using at least 2 products on their face, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see a correlation.

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When you think about it, water really isn't really a viable cleanser. So it won't really kill any bacteria on your face at all. You might think bacteria doesn't cause acne and it's a hormonal thing and all that, but bacteria CAN cause spots and you know it. So I still think it's necessary to use soap.. what I do is use a very little (just lathering it a bit) and washing over my face very lightly. I think this is a much better idea because you it will kill the bacteria and you can use products for senistive skin (like Simple soap) that won't irritate it with chemicals.

My regime (the one I stopped 2 days ago and am now starting again) didn't involve a lot of products that irritated my skin.. so I agree with you on the idea that using a load of products will irritate your skin. But I think there is a better way for me. Using Simple Soap and Aloe Vera doesn't irritate my skin and I think will be a lot more successful than just using water.

I can also do quite a few of the things you list in your regime (which everyone should be doing anyway)..

"dont touch your face at all, no picking whatsoever, just dont touch it, its worth it

- dont touch your mouth ( a bad habit of mine, id always play with my lips) this probably brings bacteria to my body"

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alright man, you didnt follow what ive been doing exactly, so obviously your not going to get the same results.


i dont touch my face really as im washing it, i just splash it vigourously.

it does clean. its been cleaning for the past week.

it works. otherwise id be breaking out like crazy by now.


had just one tiny whitehead today, not in a new area, i think it was just the last of crap heading to the surface of my skin. the rest of my skin is just continually looking better everyday. my skin is still a bit a dry on my cheeks and chin, but that seems to be getting better everyday too.

im going to have to shave today or tomorrow, so we ll see how that effects this.

this is seriously the best working thing, and easiest ill add, that ive ever done for my face.

if your going to try it, use nothing, completely the same as i am.

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The only cause of spots, 1 factor that creates a spot is....A CLOGGED Pore, when the sebum oil can't escape to the surface, builds up and causes an infection.

The main culprit for clogged pores are.....dead skin cells, which can't be romoved just by cleansing with water.

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hey.. this little regimen of yours seems like a pretty cool idea.. using nothing at all.. hmm... but im a girl, and i wear makeup.. no, not tons of it.. i wear very little face makeup, oil free, and a little goes a long way.. its not like pore clogging or anything either, its decent stuff.. and i dont notice it breaks me out.. i know what ur gonna say, stop wearing makeup right? well, i might just do that., if this little ashing with water thing really works.. i mean i have pretty moderate acne, but any kinda acne is annoying. but i never really considered the idea that the products i put on my face are what could actually be breaking me out.. and ive heard this before, like people have actually said like soaps and cleansers CAN cause breakouts.. well i might give it a try.. oh btw- b5 totally cleared me up.. i had 3 months of TOTAL bliss on that stuff.. i was stupid to stop taking it .. i mean i stayed clear for a month after, but it gradually came back, in a place on my face where i never really had acne before, u know that area undeer ur eyelids kinda like the cheek arrea.. well ok ill try this, and even try not to use makeup too and see how it goes. ps- im not like one of those girls that wears so much face makeup that u can see it on ur face ..

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where did you get the b5 from??i really want to try it.

i shaved today, and used cetaphil as shaving gel. my face is looking ok.

its continuing to get better. im hoping for ALOT of the redness to go away in the next 7 days [-o<

and while i agree dead skin cells can clogs pores, I GUARANTEE that isnt the cause of everyones acne on here, as everyone is doing everything to their face known the man, the fact that skin is existing at all on some of these peoples faces is amazing.

the redness on my face is going to take longer to go away then i thought i think

anyways i keep track through this message board string, let you people know how long roughly.

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The only cause of spots, 1 factor that creates a spot is....A CLOGGED Pore, when the sebum oil can't escape to the surface, builds up and causes an infection.

The main culprit for clogged pores are.....dead skin cells, which can't be romoved just by cleansing with water.

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Keeping your hands away from your face is certainly great advice, but I think using just water makes no logical sense (you may have a mind over matter thing working at this point since it is probably more likely to be able to heal acne with the power of the mind than with water). We all (all of us posting to this forum) used nothing on our face at one time and developed acne.

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Keeping your hands away from your face is certainly great advice, but I think using just water makes no logical sense.  We all (all of us posting to this forum) used nothing on our face at one time and developed acne.
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i totally disagree with you people.

your all slaves to the acne industry.


you tried nothing for how long?

2 days? wow.

you know that everyone else with no acne has dead skin cells?

theyre just not subjecting their face to this totally ridiculous amount of chemicals and crap.

if you are so confident its not the products, then try this.

do have acne on your throat? if not, good.

try washing your throat and putting BP on it 2 times a day, followed by moisturizers and toners and whatever else you generally use.

i bet within 2 weeks it is totally broken out.

its day 8. nothing today except 1 whitehead. before i would usually have 3 or 4 zits to pop in the morning. now im not worried about active acne but the discolouration/redness from before. ah well, im not going to be satisfied until my face is completely normal.

this is obviously working quite well, i dont really care what you people are saying. you are the ones with very active acne, and hassling with all those products to fight it.

im going to buy b5 today! i think it was listed under the name PANTOTHENIC ACID, so im gonna pick that up.

how much did you use daily? i read somewhere to use 5, 4 times a day.

anyways, my face is clearing up, the redness is very gradually going away as my skin is healing. i just hope its clear by next friday! [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<

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You think i'm a slave to the acne industry? LOL.

I think the problem with the posts you are writing is that you aren't reading anyone elses.. i'm not having active acne, it's leaving. I don't use BP or any of the stuff in dan's regime. All the products I use are natural or have limited stuff in them. I use Pure Aloe Vera and Simple Soap. It doesn't irritate my skin.

Acne came for a lot of people because they used no producrts to sort out their oily skin. They never used soap. So continuing to leave that oil on their skin everyday without using any products to remove it, like soap, and letting it clog their pores will just mean the acne gets worse or stays there. How will not using products solve this problem? It won't.

People have been blatently cured of acne by using Dan's regime, there's no denying that. I think the people who should be avoiding the regime with chemicals are people with sensitive skin. These people will experience aggrivation from chemicals (i'm one of them).

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