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I have hair that is not curly but not straight, just kinky! And it looks really messy if i just wash and leave. I wash it at night every other day and I leave it to dry naturally. In the morning, and get the hairdryer on it and run a brush through gently straightening it out a bit. It takes about 5 mins. Then i get my straighteners and i run it through strands of hair (quite thick pieces) and twist is whilst running it down the ends, but I do it quickly cos I don't want tight curls, I just want wavy sections. This takes about two mins to do the whole head. I then gently run my fingers trhough my hair, straighten the front sections (where my fringe is growing out) and voila! Done! It takes just minutes and looks nice and natural!I teist the irons towards the head so that the ends don't stick out.

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Guest FearlessBunnyLove
i've had a battle with my hair for pretty much my whole life, cause i'm biracial, so i have all kinds of craziness happening with it.

first of all it's thin, so i get "fly away" curls, then it's frizzy, and it has a tendency to curl unevenly.

after trying to straighten it forever, i've given up and recently decided to just take my curls and run with them.

daily routine is; wake up, shampoo and condition with biolage smooththerapie and towel dry. i then use biolage defining elixer, biolage gelee, and finish it off with claypac's humectant hair gloss. sometimes if i want a little more shine i'll also use some fekkai glossing cream, or technician glaze.

it sounds like a lot, but it takes about three minutes. i cannot tell you how happy i am to be able to hop and the shower and spend three minutes on my hair every day. :)

i think tomorrow i'm going to buy some of this http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...categoryId=4221

p.s. i've gotten a million complements on my hair since i've been wearing it curly. it's a good thing i didn't pay for my chi straightener. ha.

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Vidal Sassoon Tourmaline 1875W Professional Styler - came with attachments - it only was about 30$ at Ulta. Some of them can get really expensive but as I had never tried Ionic Ceramic hairdryers I had not idea if it would make a difference or not and went with a less expensive one.

I was shocked at the difference. It took me about 15-20 min to dry my hair before and now I can do it in 5-10. And my hair is alot softer and shiner not dry and dull like when I used my old hairdryer.

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You're biracial? Me too. What's funny is that me and my sisters all have different hair and my mom's is straight so I had to figure out my hair on my own.
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Guest FearlessBunnyLove
You're biracial? Me too. What's funny is that me and my sisters all have different hair and my mom's is straight so I had to figure out my hair on my own.

yeah my mom is half black and half irish, and my dad is irish. i turned out "white" looking, but with biracial hair.

my sister is also half black, but mixed with jewish and italian so she got the "good" hair and nicer darker complexion, http://myspace-294.vo.llnwd.net/00469/49/27/469297294_l.jpg it's wavy, thick and not frizzy.

my cousins both have different hair too, their dad (my mom's brother) is also half black and half irish, and their mom is white with red hair. my cousin zach has straight reddish brown hair, but he's swarthy, while my cousin veronica has almost the same hair as i do, but it's blondish brown, and she's almost as fair as i am. this is them http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v34/ness...pg?t=1169794910

being biracial rocks. you get the best of both worlds, and it's always funny to see people's faces when you defy their conventional notions of race. it's interesting because my sister, my cousins and myself are all 1/4 black and 3/4 white but we all are different complexions with way different hair types and coloring.

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Uhmm... Shampoo+conditioner every other day. Then I let it airdry...

I should really get a haircut soon :think:

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I wash and condition my hair almost every day. It gets really greasy if I don't. I've tried many different kinds of shampoo/conditioner, but nothing seems to work. If anybody has tips on how to control oil, I'd like to hear them! [i've done the powder thing and it doesn't seem to work all that well for me.]

But other than that, I'm pretty happy with my hair. I only blow dry it if I wash it right before bed. But it looks the same either way--it's pretty straight. I use a wax/cream at the ends to make them kind of flippy.

I color [L'oreal Couleur Experte-8.2 Iced Meringue, Medium Iridescent Blonde] and cut it myself. Have to keep it kind of short because it's really thin [even though there is a lot of it] and when it gets too long it gets straggly looking and tangles easily.

Here's a picture:


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My mom is a stylist and has done my hair all my life. Except this one time, my friend bleached my hair because I wanted it purple, and it looked horrible. I've coloured my hair all kinds of colours before, but when my friend did it, it looked like shit!

My hair is pretty healthy now, the bleaching really damaged my hair :[ I've recently got it cut(by my mom of course) and all of that yucky damaged stuff is gone :D

So. My daily hair routine:

Wash with shampoo every morning and night. I do this because I feel disguesting if I don't clean every part of my body. It just doesn't seem right and I can't go to bed if I don't. Sometimes I use conditioner in the mornings when I'm not lazy. Makes the hair more comb-able.

After makeup, I blowdry, sometimes not throughogly dry, because I want to spray stuff into it to style, and it's best when it's not overly dry. Sometimes, I use a flat iron, even though my hair is straight. It just looks cooler, I guess.

I think I'm pretty much in love with my hair. I don't like dying it anymore because I am too lazy to do touch-ups. I like my natural hair colouring, too.

My favorite shampoo at the moment: Loreal Vive for Men(It's pretty stupid that they put this as their label, then women are discouraged to buy it to use) antidandruff plus conditioner. The smell is awesome.

Does anyone else have 6+ different types of shampoos in their bathroom/shower? I love using differernt kinds of shampoos everyother day becuase I like smelling a diff scent when I clean my hair, and I get bored reading the same bottles over and over again when I'm taking a poop. Hahahaha. :dance:

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