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best home use lamp on market

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hi there,

what's the best home use lamp on the market? both in terms of strength and also value for money and peoples experiences?

im wondering if my dermalux lamp is that great. it just has 4 bulbs, 2 red 2 blue for a start. ive seen newer models that have more that that, either 6 or 8 bulbs.

anyway.... i may invest in a new lamp or just new replacement bulbs... depending on what people write here!

i'm in the uk, and i only know of two manufacturers of these lamps. so please post links to other makes as well even if you don't recommend them as such!

many thanks,


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i wish i could!

i'm in the uk.

i've come across 'beauty skin' and 'dermalux'. they are about £200 new. half this on ebay.

i'd like to hear from others about the various makes and models though so i can find the best lamp!

best wishes,


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get one with leds.

leds are a superior light source will last at leats 25 years ive heard and keep a tight focused spectrum.

I bought an acnelamp brand from acnelamp.com

even though this does seem to help a little its no where near as effective as topicals retinoids and the dipping method have been for me, but that is just my experiance.

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