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This little birdie is leaving the nest!

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Hi all,

After 5 months on the regimen, and CLEAR SKIN since Week 10, I am leaving these boards. During those first 10 weeks I was on here almost every day, and I could not have made it without the CSR/DKR forum. So many great tips, advice, suggestions, and encouragement is to be found here. My products are listed below for anyone who's interested in what's worked for someone....

For those of you just starting, please hang in there. YOU WILL WANT TO QUIT AT SOME POINT, BUT STICK IT OUT! Yes, the Regimen has not worked for some folks for whatever reason, and I -- the one who never follows through on anything -- wanted to quit so many times, but I figured flaky skin was better than zit-covered skin, and now even the flakes are gone. I have beautiful skin and my friends and family are complimenting me and it just feels great. My last zit was in Week 10, which is 2 and a half months in, so you really do need to give it 3 months before you decide it won't work for you. Every day you stick it out and then get a new zit, it can really be crushing. Tear-inducing even. Just follow the directions to a tee, take a deep breath, and do it again in 12 hours. Figure out how long 3 months is on your calendar, circle it in red marker, and COMMIT to the regimen AT LEAST UNTIL THAT DATE. It's just like any other goal in life -- it's hard at first but you've got to get through the hard part to see the results. Putting this goop on your face day after day, night after night can be so annoying, but eventually it will be just like brushing your teeth - you just do it without even really thinking about it. It just becomes part of your routine.

Best of luck to everyone!

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aww, I hate to see you leave! It's always nice to have the Regimen vets around to help out the noobies!

Take care of yourself and drop in from time to time!

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