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sullen girl

acne does dissappearing tricks.. and then reappears..

ok .. this is weird.. my acne in the beginning of the day looked HORRIBLE.. i mean like, i exfoliated, and yea that night be why... but even beforei did it was red and looked bumpy.. and now it's the end of the day after work, and i havent reallly been irritating it or anything.. but yea.. it seems that the bumps r practically gone.. like i loked like a pimple faced freak before work and now after 8 hours, my acne is practically non-existant.. i mean im not complaining of course, just baffled.. and no it's not the lighting cause i used the same lighting during the day to check out my face as tonight.. yea, i know the rednnesss was caused by exfoliating- it made the zits look 100 x more prominent than they really were- but im wondering if the exfoliation is what ULTIMATELY mde my skin look better at the end of the day.. comments r welcome

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i tend to find that my skin looks better first thing in the morning, when its like my skin is still "asleep", lol, and has forgotten how red it should be. maybe its something to do with the natural light, coz it always looks worse at the end of the day or at night, when you're looking at it with a lightbulb.

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