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Makeup ingredients

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I recently started breaking out (at 31!) and I have never been makeup savvy. Lip gloss and mascara are all I am used to wearing. Now that my face is getting noticeably worse and worse I need something to cover it. I am almost done with a tube of nutragena concealer which covered fine but I am suspicious of the ingredients. I'm curious about which ingredients other members have identified as causing breakouts, scientific names and all.



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I found that when I stopped using my old powder with talc I didnt break out as much and my pimples were alot smaller.

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Hi MGirl. Have you tried mineral makeup?

I'm a very low maintenance kind of girl so I really wouldn't use mineral makeup unless I was going to a special event. Lets just say that i have three boys, a husband who works full time in retail, and I teach four college courses a semester, and I'm aspiring to be a successful writer. While I really appreciate any makeup that makes you look beautiful if I can't smear it on in a few seconds then I won't use it. I mean I have a problem remembering to brush my hair!

Plus I'm poor so I can't afford it, lol.

Do you use anything under your minerals?

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A REALLY fats foundation is Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation. I LOVE my colorstay but once my big pustules ubsided and I didn't need *as* much coverage, I went for the quicker, faster powder and it's really great. Doesn't break me out OR irritate my excema.

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Aubery Nicole mineral make up covers pretty good and gives soft natural look to the face , unlike liquid make up makes your face look like a mask , and mineral make up is easy and faster..but takes a little practice.

Here is the website if you thought about it and its pretty good to use for skin everyday coz its natural minerals ! www.auberynicole.com

Besides mineral make up , i would say try either..Maybelliene pure make up but its very light and need a good conealer with it , if you want more coverage and liquid , try Almay clearing blemishes line..for sure it wont break you out because its actually for acne prone skin and it covers very good and lasts.

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