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yea... the title is preety much slef explanatory.. but if u read my posts a while ago when i was here, i had acne, and started dans regimen, which REALLY helped, but wasnt consistent.. so then i tired b5 and that worked WONDERS on me.. i was clear for months, id say about 4 moths sriaght.. and even up till now ive have like NO painful zits, and if i did get some it would be only like one or 2 little itty bitty ones.. i felt soo lucky and proud my skin was perfect.. well u prolly know where this story is going..

anyways, i stopped b5 for about a month, and miracualously, i stayed clear for like that month.. so i figured, ok im all done with b5, my skin is gonna stay clear forever (i was using bp and b5 at the same time btw) so i just kept using the bp every now and then... ok now, afteer that month of not taaking any b5 and remaining clear, my acne is back.. and its coming in all different places on my face, like places i never really had it before, a couple little ones on my cheek, around my nose, not on it like u know the areas that extend out form my nose.. dammit i wish i had a picture! what a difference...i mean it doesnt look bad.. some times it looks like it goes away, but then it comes right on back.. it's so depressing.. i swear to god, feelig successful and then this shit is back again.. i mean its not horrible, but it's bad enough that it makes me look all friggen spotty and weird, and i CANNOT BEAR to look at myself in flourescent lighting.. i mean likei start crying... i guess i should start b5 again.. i dont know.. i just needed to vent.. tell me what u think.. i think it may be what im eating, ive been eating more sugary crap... i dont know i dont know i hate me right now.. ](*,)

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hi there...i totally understand what you are goign through right now...lately...like in the past month, my skin has been so bad after I was clear for a long time (well not 100% clear up I think 95% is pretty good) and I don't know what to do either. I did the acne cure program, I did the C&C regimine, and now I'm on my 2nd day back on Proactiv and nothing is helping. I feel like I'm too old for this crap. I just want something to work again! sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

and I completely stay away from those flourescent lights...

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I've read a few of your posts and you seem to get nervous when you break out after using new products. You need to pick something and be committed to it for at least 3 or 4 weeks until you give up on it. Trust me, I did a lot of bouncing around when I was younger and probably made things worse because I never gave anything a chance. Yes, I was afraid of getting even worse and got nervous like I think you're doing and either A) started overmedicating or B) switched to something else, which in the end always makes things worse.

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sally- i HIGHLY reccomend the b5.. i had pretty modeerate acne- mostly little bumps on the forehead, chin, and esp temples and a few cysts, and b5 not only cleared me up but gave me this glow.. i dont mean to sound corny but it really did.. i dont carfe if it costs me $40 a month, ill do it forever if itll keep me clear.. well now im not exactly super-breaking out but the clearer the better... im gonna try seeing the effects of cutting sugar outta my diet now, cause it might actually be just as good as the b5 cause cutting out the sugar is supposed to do the same thing tha b5 does- decrease oil production.. so yea

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