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Ok, I've had these little red spots around my mouth for about 1-2.5 years now and with applying tazorac .1 cream they have fadded a bit, but they are still there. I play beach vball a lot with a bit of sunscreen, but one of those days my face hurt reallly bad afterewards and the skin started to peel really bad around mouth and forehad where i still have acne. I have no whiteheads, just skin that is red. Tazorac really flakes off the skin adn I then put on moisture, so should I keep on moisturizing or let it all peel? Also, if I gently pick the skin, there is a thin layer of skin that peels off a bit, so should I peel it completly off?

I have been on tazorac 1.5 months now. I have used a lot of crap before like proactive and other topicals. So far, tzorac is the best but seems its also not solving it. I think I may have this permantly, but there must be a way to get it back to normal.....

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