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Where do I find these treatments? (blue peel, mandelic)

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Thank you to all of your advice. I have made a list of what everyone has told me & read about. Some stuff I have never heard of though...so I am not sure how to obtain it. I was wondering if people knew the answers to the following:

Mandelic Acid Peel -

- Who applies this? A derm, plastic surgeon, or aesthetician?

- Are there different strengths? What are the %s and can I get some strengths at the drugstore and others at the derm?

- Which would work best? Low strength over a long time or one high strength peel?

- Is this a risky thing or pretty standard?

- Any comments on results?

- Any comments on how it is supposed to work?

Lactic acid Peel - Same questions as above

Blue Peel - Same questions as above

AHA Peel - Same questions as above. I have neutrogena's products with AHA in them as well as L'Oreal Face soap with AHA. Well, glycolic acid - is that AHA?

---- Other recommendations / Stuff I have done or can do ---

Microdermabrasion - Aesthetician / No results (already did)

Vinegar / Lemon Juice - Grocery Store

Retin A Micro - Already Have a tube from the derm. Does anyone know why it leaves a yellow powder on your face in the AM? Am I putting too much on?

---- Last Questions ---

Can I mix the vinegar method with retin A? What about the neutrogena AHA moisturizer. I wonder if putting too much on your face will just cause more problems?

Thanks again.

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Mandelic acid serum-10% or 15%. You must start with the 10% before the 15%. You can read more at nucelle.com. It is ordered online.

Not risky. Mandelic acid has helped my complexion and lightened my redmarks.

I believe it is better to use low strength peels. They have less risks of causing further damaging. Eventually with proper and continued use a low % peel will give you the same results as stronger peel.

Lactic Acid-you can order at Makeupartististschoice.com. -you apply it. Start off with 40% peel and only leave on for a couple of minutes. Its the least irritating peel. It can cause skin to turn alittle pinkish (temporary). Thats the only side-effect I can think of. Read up on it at there website.

Blue Peel-A Dr. will apply it. You must use obagi products first (expensive and in my opinion horrible). Do a google search on Obagi blue peel.

GLycolic peels-A little more irritating. Can order at makeupartistschoice.com. I would start low (30%). Glycolic is more irritating than lactic acid (i prefer lactic)

Hope this helped.

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