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So BP brings the dirt and crud to the surface, allowing it to be purged from your system, while simultaneously fighting the bacteria and crud as it comes back.

What does SA do?

both of these products are used to treat acne, but from dan's site, and most people's experience, BP is the one that really does the acne prevention/curing.

currently I am using a face wash with 2% SA, is this a waste? I have light acne, mostly red marks, with a few pimples. perhaps I should just use BP, forget the face wash.

people say not to combine them...hrm...any insight?

again, I did search, but didn't really find what I was looking for, I apologize if this was right under my nose(like my latest pimples! GAH!) and I missed it.

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SA is a chemical exfoliator which is able to penetrate the pores to clean out build up of dead skins cells. It is a derivative of aspirin so also has inflammatory and some antibacterial properties. One thing I have found with the SA product I am using is that it fades red marks at an incredible rate.

BP is a disinfectant. Quote from Paula Begoun: "Among benzoyl peroxide's attributes is its ability to penetrate into the hair follicle to reach the problem-causing bacteria and kill itâ€â€with a low risk of irritation."

On paper, a skincare regime incorporating both is a formidable combination in fighting acne as SA unclogs pores to enable BP to be more effective. However, they are extremely drying and not everyone's skin can handle both. Both reportedly cause 'purging' and this seems to deter people in continuing with whatever product it is they are trying. It's best to introduce one of them first (preferably bp) to let your skin become used to it and then slowly add the other. Having said that, if you're already using BP and it's working well for you then there's no need to spend any extra money on SA.

As for the face wash, it has been said that one containing SA or BP is wasted as most of it is washed down the drain. However, many people are using these products and say that it works for them. I myself have started using an SA bodywash for my back and it remains smooth after one week so I tend to disagree with the point of view of being washed down the drain though it made perfect sense when I read it.

Hope that helped.

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With regards to the attached topic, I feel that a bit of caution would be good because no one really knows how BP will react with SA from one person to another. You are welcome to try but do it in moderation first and see how your skin reacts.

As for me, I am a firm believer that using a BP (or even SA) as a wash will only kill off the bacteria during the wash. After that the skin will not be resistant to the bacteria. That is why it is better to use the BP cream (or gel) to provide for longer hours of bacteria resistance. For people with oily skin(example me) using a BP wash with or without SA wash won't do much.

Everyones skin is different so do some trials first before using permanently.

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