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MicroFiber Dermabrasion Cloth

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Has anyone tried this? It is on ebay. It is a micro fiber cloth that dermabrates the skin and cleans it as well. No need for soap. It sound interesting!


This is a dermalogical grade Micro Fiber Miracle Cloth that works like sandpaper on your face AND sucks up dirt,oil and dead skin like a Hoover.  This dermal quality Micro Fiber cloth does the same thing!!! For £9.99, in the privacy of your own home. Without an appointment. But if you follow the directions, not more than once every 7-10 days. Same results - your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin - making your skin firmer and smoother. It won't happen overnight, but you will immediately go \"pink\" for a day or so after the first treatment. Substantial difference should be seen after about 21 days. Reduces age spots/liver spots, fine lines, acne and chicken pox scar, just like expensive clinical Microdermabrasion. And they don't offer a money back guarantee that I know of.

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Guest Scorpioness

I used to use it and threw it away. It didn't do much for me but irritate my face.... maybe it could be good for exfoliation sometimes yet I much prefer a lactic peel... it's gentler and gives the skin a much healthier glow afterward.

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Guest brendagail

I have been using it daily for over a year, and really like it. I just gently wipe my face with it in the morning, and it really helps to exfoliate. I never rub vigorously with it, because it can make your skin quite raw and irritated. I recommended it to a couple of friends who are now using it, and also really like it. Hope this helps.


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I bought the micordermabrasion cloth from ebay a few months ago. The first time I used it, I thought "cool!". The fourth time around, I must have gotten a teeny weeny bit too aggressive. I sorta scrubbed my cheeks with it a few times (my cheeks being the most scarred part of my face) and oh my god! My cheeks turned red and a couple of days later, I had scabs forming all over the place. I mean brown scabs, the kind you used to get as a child after you fall off your bike. The scabs fell off a week later, luckily with no permanent damage. I did have some discoloration which went away a few weeks later. I was really scared that I had done real damage and couldn't tell anyone about it because I felt like such an idiot. So do be careful using this cloth if you get it. It looks harmless but never ever scrub hard with it. It could cause serious damage.

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