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what to say about accutane

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pleaseee tell me what i should say to my derm or my gp to get accutane i have been on duac tazorac differin plexion benzaclin retin a micro doryx and a series of glycolic acid peels recoomendd by the dermatologist idk what else to try and i have an appt to see my derm march 20 and a appt to see my gp feb 12 idk if i should bring it up to my gp or waht cus everytime im in there we talk about my acne but she doesnt do much cus im seeing a derm and i was just wondierng what i should do cus ihave verry persistant acne that doesnt go away with alot of redmarks and oily skin that is soo oily i have 30 mins from when i was my face to were its just oozing out oil and ik thats not normal soo i was jw some things i should say to my derm and my gp about getting me on accutane cus im soo sick of looking red and oily and shiny and disquisting every day of my life

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don't bother with the GP. most of them don't know how to treat patients correctly with accutane anyway. (dosing, etc..) if i were you i would just go to the dermatologist and ask her for accutane.

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