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Alpha Hydrox 12% Glycolic Acid Soufle

Just thought I would mention a new product I have been using for about the past 3 weeks now. It is Alpha Hydrox Brand and it is the 12% glycolic soufle. It is $15.99 for 1.6 ounce jar. It is a really amazing product. My skin looks WONDURFUL since I have been using it. I am always a little scared about using a glycolic or retinoid because of the purging factor, but my skin was in good shape when I started using it so i didn't have a problem with that at all. It has made my skin soft, radiant and is completetly minimizing my pore size like nothing ever has. It also has helped with some hyperpigmentation from sundamage and some old acne scars. I have only been using it a little less than 3 weeks now, but I already see a huge difference. For those of you who are using Green Cream (I have used that before myself) this might be a cheaper and just as effective if not more effective alternative. You can read reviews on the stuff at Drugstore.com and makeupalley.com. It looks like it made some people purge and not others. It probably depends on how much gunk your pores have in them...you can usually predict how that will go. My pores were clear (other than some around my temple and hair line)so those were the only ones that purged and they didn't become inflamed, they just hardened and sloughed off after about 4 or 5 days. A lot of the reviews from the two websites I mentioned talked about acne (in fact most said they had acne) and the vast majority said it cleared their skin.

I will post again in a couple of weeks to update with my progress. I am 33 so I mainly got it for some fine lines I am battling. So far it seems to be working a bit on them too, but it is a bit harsh around the eye area so I have only been using it there like 3 times a week. The rest of my skin hasn't had a problem with it.


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Actually, I was thinking about trying this..I just got off tane...

Does it make your face feel oily???

Do you need to wear moisturizer over it or does it act as a moisturizer?

And do you only apply it once a day?

And also( sorry for so many questions) do you use BP or anything? I'm still using BP even though I just got off tane..I used Dan's the entire time I was one accutane....

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I use it once a day right now (at night) and no it does not make my skin feel oily at all. It absorbs completely, but I do use a moisturizer along with it because it is an acid and can dry your skin. I don't think the product is meant to be a moisturizer, but rather a treatment cream. I do use BP when I need it, but not all over my face. I use Clean and Clear Persa Gel (10%) bp...the best I've ever used. I will hopefully start using it twice a day once my skin gets more used to it.

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I use this product too! It truly is amazing. I apply it to my nose and cheeks, and those areas are now flawless!

I also used this last night on my forehead to help combat the initial breakout from Retin-A and today I woke up with less pimples. It's pretty cheap too since I bought this jar about half a year ago.

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