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My Magic Mask!

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Alright, wow its been awhile since I've posted here but I was back researching and decided to share what I've ben doing recently for marks.

I've always sworn an epsom salt mask was good for everything and I still do. I decided to take it a step furthur though.

Here's what I do.

First, you'll need some Vitamin C, Zinc, And Vitamin K, and Epsom Salt. Like a half year supply of this stuff should be under 20 bucks.

First I was my face (I use cetaphil gentle cleanser), then I break some of the tablets in half (except the vitamin C, which I use only a third, I'll explain later).

I add the three broken tablets to a mortor and pestel, which works great to powderize them.

I then add a good pinch of epsom salt to the mix, and crush that up too.

Once it's all small and pretty powdery, I'll add a little hot water. Not a ton, but enough so the water is fully concentrated with the powder.

Apply all over face with cotton ball/fingers

Let it dry

give it a slight rub (for exfoliation). Don't get too intense with the rubbing though.

Rinse off. Can be done in under 10 minutes!

This is great for mainly red marks, my skin looks good the second I rinse it off.

Zinc and Vitamin K are major healers, they help those broken blood vessles get reabsorbed, and they're just plain good for your skin.

the Vitamin C is a good anti-oxidant, toner, and peeler. Becuase most Vitamin C is acidic, it makes the soluton acidic, giving it some peeling/exfoliating properties.

Epsom salt is a good base for all the vitamins. It helps dry up oil on your face as well as heal like the Zinc and K.

This cheap mask is pretty mild, it shouldn't overdry you at all. It helps with redmarks, exisiting acne, and future acne. As well as just general skin quality and tone!


Make sure it's all crushed well

If your face is getting red/irritated, don't rub your skin and cut down on the vitamin C. The vitmain C is acidic and it acts as a peeler. So either cut down on it or don't use it all the time. (I use it every other time).

Feel free to add anything to the powder, maybe a drop of tea tree oil for some antibacterial qualities. Make sure it won't clog your pores though.

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Wow....thanks for the post. Ive had red marks for over 11 months now....and NOTHING has helped...you name it Ive tried it. Has this mask been helping your marks....if so, how long have you have your marks?

Thanks as always

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Where did you get all of the items mentioned? At the health food store? Or can they be found in a regular grocery store?

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i tried this today... only with zinc. i could not find vitamin K at walmart or at the health food store, and im afraid vit C will be too harsh for my skin. same with epsom salts

anyways i crushed up 2 zinc tablets and made a paste with a little water. put it on my skin and washed it off after 10 minutes.

results: my red marks looked much calmer. and my face looked a bit better overall. not a miracle, of course, but satisfactory enough to try it again. i will continue doing this for the next few days and we'll see what happens

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