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Can you reccomend a method of colon cleansing?

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering: have any of you ever done a "colon cleanse" before? I've recently heard about this, and thought it might be a good idea to try. What would you recommend? Are there things/hoaxes to avoid?

Thanks for your time!


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This is known as the colon cleanse out there

after many many hours of research I bought 3 months worth and 2 months of there toxinout.


read the testimonials

OMG. Those pictures are horrible!!! I think if I saw something like that coming out of me I would faint. Are they sure those aren't segments of their colons they're passing? Haha...eww. I would try that, but it looks dangerous to be passing something so awful and so large! Let us know how you're doing!

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I dunno but I don't understand why everyone is so scared about that being there. I personally am not surprised at all and I realise it would be there from what many of us put into our bodies on a daily basis ranging from medications, foods laden with additives, preservatives etc to municipal tap water that has chlorine and fluoride etc etc.

Have a look at my thread: Herbal colon detox for acne

I'm starting a colon cleanse tonight which will take me two weeks.

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