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Is anyone on tazorac .05%?

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I've used it, and still have a bunch of tubes but have stopped using tazorac.

Tazorac is supposed to loosen up cells or something, and the general idea is to have it on at night to dry the hell out of any pimple. Then wake up in the morning and moisturize. Did your doc tell you to use tazorac at night then put a lot of moisturizer on in the morning?

Anyway. I'm no expert and can only speak from my experience, but I would say turn in another direction. Tazorac never did do any more good than overthecounter spot-treats. Half of tazorac was combating the harm it did to your face with moisturizer, and I strongly feel that all taz did for every pimple in the long run was help it scar or leave one hell of a long-lasting red mark.

I litterally am over a year since my face was all covered and broken out. Nowadays it's not as bad, but I'm constantly battling at least 3 big deep pimples at a time, and every older mark I have on my face was a pimple from the past that I had tried to cure with tazorac. #-o

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I was given the 0.1% strength right away, without trying a lower % first, and it cleared me up awesome, and fast. I was on minocycline at the same time, but Taz really helped, (I'm not on mino now, but still on Taz) and still totally clear.

My skin is awesome because of it. For your acne, a higher strength may be what you need, but you'd have to talk to your doctor to see if something else would benefit you more.

My experience on the high % was amazing, and I used to get cystic acne, but haven't in what feels like forever. It really cleared me.

I know they say Taz is supposed to help with oil, but I didn't really think so. I'm just sharing my experience, it could be, (and probably will be) different than your experience, or someone else's.


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I'm on .05% and my next appointment is... today! I've been on it for three weeks and things are going OK. Remember it can take up to twelve weeks to be fully effective, so give it some time! As for redmarks well they will take time...

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La Chu, Is your skin irrated at all? If not, I'd definately talk with your Doctor about moving up to the 1%. While the .5% is very effective (I'm on this too) the 1% is really meant to treat acne. I've heard numerous people talk about how the 1% really had an edge over the .5 ... so if you can see that Taz has really helped, but need a little extra kick, see what the Doc says about 1%.

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