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Huge Improvement But When Is It ALLLLL Clear?

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Its been 5 weeks since i started the regimen and my face is looking much better now. I am certain that my acne is responding to the BP treatment very well. I usually wake up to about 1-3 new little red spots now rather than 3-6 red and irritated ones. I know they will be pimples in a day or so but they also heal and begin fading within a day or two of surfacing, so its managable. Did anyone else experience this slowing down of active spots over the weeks and how long did it take to progress into consistently clear skin for you? The timeline says weeks 5-8 and so far its been pretty accurate so I'm hoping that by Xmas I will be relatively clear. I also get pimples above my lips a lot more than anywhere else and they seem unavoidable once I see them start to surface...any cures?

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I've been on the regimen for a year and half now, and I am maintaining about 85% clear skin.

I have come to be happy with this level of clearness, and don't demand any more. I think it is important that you can do this too. Don't demand perfection, just be happy that you don't have the problem that you did before. The fear of getting large outbreaks will pass with time, and the few spots you still get will start to seem less and less bothersome.

We have to admit that we fellow acne suffers are just prone to spots, and that the odd spot or two is our crutch. Some may be lucky enough to get completely clear, but I don't think that a few small spots is that big a deal compared to a face full of them.

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I agree, Monkey. I've been on the regimen for about 4-5 months, and my skin is about 95% better, and I am not complaining over here. I'll get a spot from time to time, but it is nothing compared to what I was used to. i feel as if the regimen gives me "control" over my skin, whereas before, it had control over me. I still have the psycholgical effects though. Such as, not leaving the house without makeup, but that is to be expected, I guess. ( even though I actually COULD now...) So. to me, 95% is 100%, I am not going to get greedy...hehe

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i've a question for you guys.

before i started on the regiment, i had moderate acne.

3 months into the regimen, i only get one zit at the same spot once in a couple of weeks.

my problem is that i still have the red marks from the acne i had 3 months ago.

they are very visible.

so, how long did it take for your red marks to clear?

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